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Assetto Corsa Legends 3.0 Mod

The free Assetto Corsa legends 3.0 mod is here. We have to say this a is a very welcoming and top mod pack that you really need in your collection.

The highly anticipated Assetto Corsa Legends GT Classic v3.0 mod by Bazza is now available for free download. This update features some of the most iconic cars in motorsport history, making it a significant addition for any Assetto Corsa enthusiast. The mod is praised for its quality and the classic vehicles it brings to the game, offering an enhanced racing experience for players.

With this release, Bazza continues to contribute valuable content to the Assetto Corsa community, further enriching the game’s extensive modding scene. Download the AC Legends GT Classic v3.0 mod to enjoy these legendary cars on the track.

v3.0 Credits:
Models: Conversions / updates/ add-ons
DrDoomslab (models, textures/ AO and all the little details)
Norms (Wiper animations, rebuilt LoD’s, 3d Colliders, all the little details)
Special thanks to Pessio for permission to use his brilliant Pantera Gr4 model!
Skins: new 4k skins by Ben Nash + many skins from the RaceDepartment community:Aad Gagesteijn, Andy-R, BDA, carmar, GPLGEM, GT3RSAss, hal4000, Guerilla Mods, LeSunTzu, Ned, Pasta2000, schUPpor, Smallblock Hero, susanthedeath, Xedrox, (sorry if I forgot someone)
Driver suits & helmets: Xedrox, gergerger, various RD skinners
Physics & AI: Bazza
Sounds: Kunos, AMA Fmod (Porsche 906), Legion (Pantera), various unknown sources.
Testers: 50ftElvis, Dirk Steffen, capt nasties, kondor999, Timo One, 2old4Forza comm.​

Special Thanks:
Youtube Channels: Mike from Simracing604, Billy Strange Racing, Alex from ‘The Extra Mile’ and Michael from ‘SingleRacer’ for their contagious passion about (historic) simracing.
Websites / Discord: The F1 Classic forum THR racing Vintage AC Discord

Installation Notes on Pantera Gr4: original mod by Pessio Garage required! (also explained in the included release notes)

Version 3.0 (2020-10)
Update pack to 2020 standards using the latest CSP features, to enable 24 hour races in the wet. All Physics and tiremodel rebuilt from scratch.

Initial release: GT-R pack
Models, lots of upgrades: (DrDoomslab, Norms, Ben Nash)
– Up to 2020 standards with CSP:
– all cars have (refracting) headlights, wipers, improved shaders, high(er) res cockpits
– many 4k skins added by Ben Nash
– all cars have proper LoD’s & 3d colliders for better VR/ multiplayer/ big grid AI racing

Physics: (Bazza)
– Rebuilt tire-model + brake-fading, rebuilt suspensions from scratch for all cars, updated gearboxes, – dyno curves, improved FFB & AI

Download Assetto Corsa legends 3.0 Here

About Assetto Corsa

Modding & Customization
Assetto Corsa will allow for considerable customization and modification, in order to satisfy the expectations of professional simracers, gamers who prefer to approach the driving experience more progressively, and hobbyists who just like to reproduce and share their cars and tracks, taking advantage of the same editing tools developed and used by the developers of the game.



Paul Velasco

Paul Velasco

5 thoughts on “Assetto Corsa Legends 3.0 Mod”

  1. Hi, first of all, thank you very much for this delivery! I have a little question though: why do I have to put FFB of my DD to 100% to make these cars enjoyable? I mean, they’re fun as hell with this config, really, but I just don’t understand why those cars require 100% FFB out of a 20 Nm DD to feel like Kunos’ cars do feel with 50-60%.

  2. This mod means so much to me. I have been drooling over the Capri RS3100 since childhood and now I get to race it. Thank you so much.

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