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Lola B2K/40 Judd Assetto Corsa Mod

Lola B2K/40 Judd Assetto Corsa Mod

This Lola B2K/40 Judd Assetto Corsa mod is that open-wheel race car you could be looking for.

Offering a unique blend of historical significance and modern sim racing immersion, the Lola B2K/40 Judd Assetto Corsa mod promises to deliver the exciting open-wheel racing you’ve been craving.


Mod NameLola B2K/40 Judd Assetto Corsa mod
PlatformAssetto Corsa
Content IncludedTop open wheel race car
Features/ NotesLightweight and compact design race car
Future Features
Download StatusAvailable now

The Lola B2K/40 Judd is a cost-effective sports prototype racing car developed in 2000 by the renowned British racing car manufacturer, Lola Cars International.

Designed as a more affordable, compact, and lightweight alternative to the similar Lola B2K/10, this Le Mans Prototype (LMP) car was specifically engineered for the SR2 class of the Sports Racing World Cup and Grand American Road Racing Championship.

However, the versatile Lola B2K/40 Judd was later adapted to compete in the LMP675 and LMP2 classes, making it eligible for prestigious endurance racing events like the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the American Le Mans Series (ALMS). This adaptation allowed the Lola B2K/40 Judd to showcase its performance on some of the most challenging circuits worldwide.

Download the Lola B2K/40 Judd Assetto Corsa Mod:  Here

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