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Simucube Introduces Hotlap Hangout on Discord Platform

Simucube Introduces Hotlap Hangout on Discord Platform

Simucube, a leading name in the world of simulation racing hardware, is thrilled to announce an exciting new initiative in their Discord server. Hotlap Hangout, as the concept is called, brings exciting visitors from sim racing and motorsports world, to Simucube Discord, to interact and chat with the community. Simucube takes a pioneering step within the sim racing realm, introducing a community initiative unlike any other. Simucube has always been committed to the community, and this activity brings the community closer to the professionals and familiar faces in the field.

Earlier in the spring, Simucube had well known Will Ford from Boosted Media visiting their Discord and answering fan’s questions. Now the new concept brings more visitors on board. By bringing visitors onto the Discord platform, the community will have the unique opportunity to interact directly with their racing heroes, gain insights into the world of simulation racing, and exchange thoughts on the latest industry trends.

Simucube wants to welcome everyone to join the lively discussions on their Discord platform, announcing the first visitors very soon.

To join in the discussions and become a part of the Simucube community on Discord, simply visit

Stay tuned for updates on scheduled sessions and special guests by following Simucube on social media:

About Simucube:

Simucube is a pioneering brand in simulation racing hardware, known for its high-quality products that offer an authentic and immersive experience to racing enthusiasts worldwide. With a dedication to innovation and community building, Simucube continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of virtual racing.

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