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Crazy 7000hp 750kmh Nissan GTR R34 for Assetto Corsa

Crazy 7000hp 750kmh Nissan GTR R34 for Assetto Corsa

Now this car is a little bit crazy, this 7000hp 750kmh+ Nissan GTR R34 Assetto Corsa Mod is extreme. The horsepower race begins, watch this space.

And so it begins, the crazy horsepower race begins with this 7000hp Nissan GTR R34 Assetto Corsa Mod. We have seen high horsepower cars before with mods, but this one pushes it beyond reality. Thankfully in the sim racing and gaming genre, anything is possible.

Even though this car can exceed 750 KM/H, it can get a bit lively and loose.

Where does this car fit it? Well, if you take it to somewhere like Shutoko, or a drag strip, then you will be fine with it. Visiting tight, twisty roads or free roam adventures is not something you will enjoy very much with this car, unless you like posing and going slow.

This car I feel is the beginning of the “more is better” saga, in a month or so, another car will come out with 10,000hp or even more. It does have its rightful place as something that is fun and wild, but its party trick will wear of quickly with rivals.

As always, we encourage people to leave constructed feedback for the creators. This helps with current and future projects. If you see anything suspicious with any mods, please get in contact with the creator, or drop a message below if anyone is ripping your creation. We at Simrace247 like to promote great creations and mods within the sim racing genre.

To download this car: EARLY ACCESS TUNE for Nissan Skyline R34 GTR!

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