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Sim Coaches September Updates and Products

Sim Coaches September Updates and Products

Sim Coaches continues to push the envelope, check out this article that has some great products coming your way and more.

We continue with our advertorial articles about Sim Coaches, over the past month we have seen plenty of updates, videos and more. Did you know that there is only one American Manufacture making Sim Racing Load Cell Pedals. And did you also know that Sim Coaches offers a lifetime warranty on its pedals? Yep you better believe it and i know what you are thinking “Hmmm interesting”.

Before we get into those juicy details, i would like to make a shoutout to those who are working there socks off at Sim Coaches “Whats up”.

We kick it off with the best load cell pedal of 2022, a category that is packed with stiff competition and products. Lawrence Co-Founder of Sim Coaches wants you to know that the P1 load cell sim racing pedals are the only option you should consider. One great thing about Lawrence is he knows every intricate piece of his products inside and out, the guy is obsessed with perfection and we like that. His team and co workers at Sim Coaches want you to have the best, ask them any question about their products and i guarantee you will get a detailed answer. They are real people that do not read from a scripted response and i applaud that.

Next up ” Inverted or standard layout” that is the question. Now many will not even know that you can have inverted pedals on your sim rig, some people swear by it where as others have never even considered it. In this video Lawrence goes through the differences between an Inverted pedal layout over a standard pedal setup. Featured is the test version of the Inverted pedals mount from Sim Coaches, and as you would expect, alot of thought, testing and knowledge has gone into it. Lawrence takes a deep dive on the product and what you can expect.

Racking them up and knocking them down, its a wild one and even raised my eyebrows, remember i said Lawrence was a go getter in our previous articles. Well, the creative mind and juices are fully flowing on this one as Sim Coaches is building a simulator that will be able to mimic the ergonomics of a go-kart. Now many of you racers out there will know how essential go karting is on the ladder to racing, and Sim Coaches is building a low cost go Kart sim rig that will be ideal for kids and a 1:1 ratio. now if that isn’t cool then i dont know what is. As you would expect, it will be loaded with Sim Coaches products and expertise. Also stick around in the video as a sneek peek of a product is spotted, exciting times for sure.

Sim Coaches

Who is on the team? 

Sim Coaches is made up of 7 people right now. As time goes on, we are continuing to add members to our team to help us grow and support our customers. We are located in Las Vegas, Nevada just outside of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

What are the goals?

Innovation is our #1 driver. When we released our very first product, our P1 Pro Pedals, they were very basic. As time has gone on, we’ve upgraded them to be equipped as the best hydraulic pedals on the market. We come from that same mindset with everything we do.

As time goes on, we continue to upgrade and innovate until we have the best product offered for you. In the future, we aim to have the entire product line up available to you. From pedals, wheels, wheel bases, shifters, handbrakes, cockpits, turn-key builds, button boxes and more.



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Darren Buckner

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