Women In Sim Racing Yvonne Houffelaar Blog #62

Women In Sim Racing Yvonne Houffelaar Blog #62

Women in sim racing here at simrace247 continues with our weekly blog from Yvonne Houffelaar. Let’s catch up with her for blog #62.

Women in sim racing continues with our resident female sim racing blogger Yvonne Houffelaar. This week in blog #62 we catch up with her sim racing events and more.

Welcome to my sixty second weekly blog!!

Race Asylum GT4 Team Tourer
On Sunday 22-05-2022, was round 7 of the Race Asylum GT4 Team Tourer, 3 races at Suzuka. I drove the Aston Martin GT4. My teammate Sophie Aeronwen is also in the Aston Martin GT4, and John Pearson is in the Jaguar GT4. It was an interesting race, we just finished the 6 hours at Nurburgring, and directly we needed to drive the RA GT4 Team Tourer. I was already very exhausted and knew it was going to be a difficult race, we didn’t get the Drivehub working in time, which means that I needed to drive with Sophie’s T300, on a garden chair, not very comfy, but better than controller driving. In the first race, I needed to drive on the medium tire, qualified for P14, and made a huge mistake in the race, which means I finished P13.

It was difficult to get the speed from the beginning on the medium tire, and my last laps were faster than in the beginning. The second race was with a reversed starting grid, which means starting from P2! I drove on the Super Soft tire, with more grip, and faster lap times. Unfortunately, I got hit and finished at P9. In the last race, I was starting at P9, on the Super Soft tire, and better pace than in race 2! I had some good battles and enjoyed the race, I finished at P5! It really showed, that I was very exhausted and that I couldn’t practice before the race. Still with the last result, some good points for the team!!

Race replays:

GrandpaGoesGaming Chase the Sunset
On Monday 23-05-2022, was it NASCAR Time!! GrandpaGoesGaming (GGG) Chase the Sunset, at BB Raceway II.It was 3 races, one the last race counted for the championship, Sophie and I, joined later in this great championship, we didn’t have time during the first 3 rounds to compete, because we drove another championship on Monday evening. I’m very excited about this series because I love Nascar driving. I like to watch it, but I like it more to drive it on iRacing, Gran Turismo Sport (GTS), or Gran Turismo 7 (GT7)! Because of the lobby settings, the slipstream was very high, sometimes difficult to drive, and a lot is possible during the races.

In the first race, I started from P5, after some battles and also a few hits, I drove with damage to P4! In the second race, I started P8, with loads of battles, and huge damage, because I got crashed into the pitlane, I finished P5. The last race is the only race that counts for the championship. I started P7, with some damage that I repaired in the pitstop, I had some good overtakes and battles on track! There was more in it, but I finished P3! Sophie had a stunning race, she won! And John Pearson finished at P4!! It was a great result for eTeamBRIT!

Race replays:

PL4YR Red Bull x Endurance
On Wednesday 25-05-2022, was round 7 of the PL4YR Red Bull x Endurance, 1.5 hour at Le Mans. I’m driving in the Red Bull Junior car. The track was Le Mans without chicane, and a very long straight. I started P3 in class, after a little bit of confusion at the start, I was the next lap in the lead of my class. I thought after some testing, the best tactic will be go full to the end, with a little bit of fuel saving, to make 6 laps with one fuel tank. Till the hour, I had the lead in the Junior class. Unfortunately, I needed to pit once more, which took too much time, and I finished P3. After some penalties from another driver, I finished P2!

Race replay: https://youtu.be/NzzZsNPYmzw

Upcoming races:

  • 03-06-2022: Fun event iRacing at Oulton Park
  • 04-06-2022: CDA 1000 at Nürburgring
  • 05-06-2022: Race Asylum GT4 Team Tourer at Spa Francorchamps

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