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Brands Hatch Released in Forza Motorsport Update 7

Brands Hatch Released in Forza Motorsport Update 7

The latest update for Forza Motorsport introduces Brands Hatch and some notable fixes in update 7, will the virtual racing fans be pleased?

Update 7 for Forza Motorsport introduces Brands Hatch as well as some fixes and reduces the installation footprint of the racing title by around 15-20%, with Turn 10 stating it will decrease its file size by “29GB on PC”.

First Up is The Fixes

With many still on the fence about being happy with Forza Motorsport 7, I think it is best to address the latest fixes to the racing title first as many will be intrigued to see what has been implemented.

  • Fixed a PC stability issue where the player would encounter an infinite loading screen when selecting Design & Paint for a car that hasn’t been purchased. [1665348]
  • We’ve added new PC audio settings for sample rate and buffer size which can be adjusted to reduce CPU usage. [1652110]
  • Proximity arrows are now enabled for all players by default in Multiplayer.
  • Proximity arrows now angle themselves based on car world position relative to the player car and camera rather than screen-space projection, providing more accurate arrow directions especially in non-chase camera views. [1637283]
  • Added new uniform “Scale” and non-uniform “Stretch” tools to replace “Size.” These can be applied to individual decals or layer groups.
  • Fixed an issue where Shared Tunes were not appearing after the 8th tune in Search Results. [1663755]
  • Updates to numerous textures have been made on the Le Mans Full Circuit and Old Mulsanne Circuit to address various misplaced and low-resolution textures visible in multiple zones, including track signage and overpass inscriptions. [1723655]

Brands Hatch

The latest update for Forza Motorsport 7 has introduced the iconic Brands Hatch racing circuit to several game modes, including Career, Multiplayer, Free Play, and Rivals. Located just a short drive from the bustling city of London, Brands Hatch is widely regarded as one of the most iconic motorsport venues in all of Europe, boasting a rich history of hosting a wide variety of racing events, including the prestigious British Grand Prix.

Brands Hatch’s challenging layout, featuring a combination of high-speed straights, tight and technical corners, as well as significant elevation changes, has made it a favourite among both drivers and fans alike. The first turn, the legendary Paddock Hill Bend, sees cars plunging downhill at blistering speeds before rapidly climbing back up into the tight Druids hairpin, testing a driver’s nerve and skill to the limit.

The Grand Prix layout of the circuit further challenges players, with three high-speed corners – Hawthorns, Westfield, and Sheene Curve – requiring pinpoint precision in terms of turn-in points on this relatively narrow track. Meanwhile, the shorter Indy layout, spanning just 1.2 miles, provides a fast-paced experience, particularly when paired with slower car classes and grassroots motorsport events.


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