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Automobilista 2 Update V1.5.6.2 Fixes & More

Automobilista 2 Update V1.5.6.2 Fixes & More

The latest patch update for Automobilista 2 was recently released with some significant changes and fixes.

Automobilista 2 recently received a significant patch update that introduced several notable changes and improvements. This update is expected to enhance the overall gaming experience for both new and existing players.


  • Fixed a crash on ICM when using onboard active suspension adjustments
  • Car´s undertray aerodynamics now influence amount of particles thrown up in the air such as dust, water spray
  • Reworked water spray particle systems



  • Fixed Missing F-Ultimate Gen2 and StockCar 2024 tire names
  • Fixed missing leaderboard class logos for Stock Car 2024



  • F-Ultimate Gen2: Minor tire carcass & tread adjustments; Minor baseline suspension settings adjustments (slightly stiffer & lower ride height) Minor adjustment to the undertray’s optimal rake angle; Corrected minor discrepancies in F-Ultimate Gen Low Downforce variant



  • F-Ultimate Gen2: Corrected missing AI defensive adjustment; AI calibration pass



  • F-Ultimate Gen2: Added shift pop sounds



  • Added 3D trees near trackside for Salvador
  • Updated water shader & adjustments to suit it for Laguna Seca
  • Barcelona: Fixed z-fighting issue with foot bridge advert panels.
  • Barcelona 1991: Fixed submerged road lines near Repsol
  • Montreal: Add track cut cheat block to pitlane exit
  • Montreal 1988: Fixed the tall grass clipping thru the cement wall at T5



  • F-Ultimate Gen2: Disabled redundant graphical offset making cars visually higher up than they should
  • Fixed clipping in onboard camera of F-Ultimate Gen2 & Lotus 23

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