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Ranking The Best NASCAR Sim Racing Games

The Best NASCAR Sim Racing Games
The excitement of NASCAR is perfect for sim racing

Driving games have always been popular and NASCAR themed sims have fans of their own. Read on to discover some of the best NASCAR sim racing games ever.

The adrenaline-pumping thrill of the racetrack has always been an allure for gamers, and few themes captivate the essence of speed and strategy quite like NASCAR.

This sport, with its storied history and intense rivalries, has always commanded a substantial fan base, both on and off the track. With recent changes in laws and regulations, the rise in NASCAR betting further showcases the enduring appeal of the sport. As a testament to its popularity, a plethora of NASCAR-themed video games and simulators have made their mark in the gaming industry over the years.

While many might recall cherished titles from their younger days, the evolution of gaming technology has brought forth a new era of NASCAR games that are more immersive than ever.

As we delve into the best NASCAR sim racing games ever crafted, it’s worth noting that fans of the sport and gaming can also explore casino bonuses at, further merging the exhilaration of racing with the thrill of gaming. Join us as we steer through time and present the top NASCAR titles that have revved up the hearts of gamers worldwide.

There have been plenty of games to choose from for NASCAR fans down through the years. You may even have your old favorites from back in the day. But we have taken a look at the full range of sims and video games with a NASCAR tie-in and decided that these five are the best of the lot.

Here we see a list of the best NASCAR racing games of all time, as we all know, sim racing has had a massive impact on people playing NASCAR games across the globe.

When it comes to motor racing games, NASCAR has always enjoyed a popular following thanks to the sheer excitement of the real thing. The increase in NASCAR betting since the laws and regulations were changed shows how well loved the sport is. So it is not surprising that the video games and sims it has inspired have been just as well played.

NASCAR Dirt to Daytona

The appeal of this game was that it faithfully recreated the experience of working your way up through the ranks as a driver. You started off in the small-town dirt tracks and had to prove your worth to go all the way to the big time. You will need to keep hold of fans and sponsors as well, in what seemed like a realistic sim.

The graphics were pretty good for its time and the whole premise of Dirt to Daytona gave thousands of NASCAR fans a chance to live out their dreams and test themselves. The story mode was particularly enjoyable and we’re sure that there are still some NASCAR fans playing this today.

The growth of sim racing and eSports in NASCAR

NASCAR 06: Total Team Control

We’ve included this title because the gameplay was so enjoyable, but mainly because this was the first NASCAR sim that introduced the concept of team play. You could radio your teammate for assistance – or even switch users to drive their car. These kinds of extra features are always well received by the real NASCAR fans.

NASCAR 06: Total Team Control really came through on the ‘total control’ feature, even down to being able to use a headset to relay instructions to other members of your team. After such a success it was a strange decision by EA to scrap the ability to swap cars just a year later.

NASCAR Thunder 2004

The Thunder set of NASCAR games always had some interesting features and the 2004 version was no exception. Grudges and Alliances allowed you to make enemies or friends as the race was going on depending on how you thought it would benefit you.

Thunder 2004 was also enjoyed for the fact that it gave drivers so many options to change throughout the game play. That meant that every single race and visit to the game could turn into a completely unique experience. Sports and racing sims are pretty good for that in comparison to other games – but Thunder 2004 really extended the possibilities.

The Best NASCAR Sim Racing Games
Daytona International Speedway is a favorite with NASCAR fans

NASCAR Racing 4

NR4 was the game that all NASCAR race fans remember as the game changer. The graphics and look of this seemed to be well ahead of its time – and then there was the fact that you could flip a car after a big collision that just made this title so exciting on its release.

Some big tracks, such as the Daytona International Speedway, were also featured – as was the inclusion of 43 cars in a race for the first time. There were still the traditional race modes available, but NASCAR Racing 4 was definitely a step forward – even if it might not excite quite as much these days.


For sim racing fans this has to be the best NASCAR game available. Working on a subscription service, you have the opportunity to race over 80 different racetracks and work on the whole package of builds and modifications to get a real feeling for what it must be like to be a NASCAR driver.

NASCAR likes iRacing so much that it even sanctioned an official series and top drivers are well known for trying their hand at his sim version of what they do every day for a living. The updates make iRacing feel up-to-date at any given time and we don’t think that there is a better NASCAR racing game on the market.


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