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CMS Storm Gang Simulation 1991 Group C Mods Analysis

CMS Storm Gang Simulation 1991 Group C Mods Analysis

CMS and Storm Gang Simulation give us an in depth analysis of their 1991 Group C mods for rFactor 2 ahead of the race today.

CMS and Storm Gang Simulation flashback to 1991 with Group C Prototype racing for the 2022 Season, these fine mods and creations are hitting the track in rFactor 2. Having been a great supporter of CMS and SGS, we have an in depth analysis from the creators and those involved.

Storm Gang Simulation is extremely proud to announce the launch of their second of two rFactor 2 mods for the 2022 racing season: 1991 Group C Prototypes.

As with the WSC 2022 mod already announced, the WSC 1991 mod is being launched exclusively at Champion Motorsports, this time for the 2022 VWSC Historic and MNRL racing seasons.

Developed in parallel to the WSC 2022 mod, the SGS WSC 1991 mod starts with the venerable and much loved MAK Corp cars, delivering significant updates to those platforms and then combines them with three entirely new cars to broaden the choices for drivers.

This brings the series closer to the full range of cars that ran in one of the most popular racing series of it’s time, sure to be a popular move with not only Group C aficionados but sim racing drivers everywhere.

A highlight of the updates and car development by SGS is that the physics for all the cars were refined or developed outright by a real world racing simulation engineer to match actual car performance as closely as possible.

This work was adjusted by a professional automotive mechanic, 3D geometries adjusted by a professional graphics artist, visuals developed by well-experienced rF2 modders working closely with SGS and then BOP adjustments informed by a team of experienced sim and real life racers putting in a significant number of laps.

These test laps, in addition to helping refine the cars individually, also contributed directly to the ‘smart BOP’ process to put bounds on the performance envelope of the cars as a package while preserving their unique characteristics.

As a result, this updated and expanded suite of classic prototype race cars delivers a high quality driver experience with the assurance that the ‘smart BOP’ enables drivers to be competing for the win on any given track.

The cars:

(MAK Corp cars updated by SGS)
•Sauber C11
•Porsche 962C
•Mazda 787B

(New cars introduced by SGS)
•Jaguar XJR-14
•Peugeot 905
•Nissan R90CK

The WSC 1991 mod will be raced exclusively at Champion Motorsports for the 2022 season at both MNRL (Tuesdays) and VWSC (Saturdays).

Over the course of 2022, the two series will each complete an 11 race calendar (1 pre-season and 10 championship races) from January to October visiting race locations drawn from the calendars of the real life series. The series will feature team championships in addition to those for drivers in thee different categories with races being broadcast live to the official CMS Youtube channel


Distribution of the mod has kicked off and the first public race, a pre-season event open to drivers considering participation in either the VWSC or MNRL series, on 18th December at 2pm EST.

The season starts for the MNRL on 11 January 2022, followed by the VWSC opening event on 15 January Make sure you are following the #league-info-1991 channel on the CMS Discord to make sure you can access the WSC 1991 and get pumped for some 1991 Group C action!

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