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CMS & Storm Gang Simulation 1991 Group C Mods rFactor 2

Attention Group C Motorsport and sim racing fans, CMS and Storm Gang Simulation reveal the 1991 Group C mods for rFactor 2.

Now many of us sim racing fans love the Group C monsters of the bygone era, CMS & Storm Gang Simulation have premiered their 1991 Group C mods for rFactor 2.

2022 is going to be a great year for CMS and Storm gang Simulation, this great league and mod creating department knows what it takes to tune into the needs of sim racing fans across the globe.

With the line up of cars, also comes a championship.


  • Nissan R90CK
  • Mazda 787b
  • Sauber C11
  • Porsche 962c
  • Peugeot 905 Evo
  • And finally the 1991 championship winning car, the Jaguar XJR-14

CMS Storm Gang Simulation 1991 Group C Mods rFactor 2

OFFICIAL NOTES – The mod is being exclusively released to Champion Motorsports for 2022 and will be used two individual championships: MNRL (Tuesday nights EST) and VWSC (Saturday Euro-Friendly evening, and America afternoon).

Races are condensed format so drivers will get a taste for the endurance aspect without having to dedicate a significant amount of time for the events. Drivers will be able to enjoy a faithful recreation of the tracks run in the 1991 calendar, very close to the same time of year for each event.

And with live weather enabled, very similar atmospheric conditions will make for a relivable experience like none other.

Visit CMS & Storm Gang Simulation today:

Storm Gang Simulation:


CMS is a league partner with simrace247  CMS Community Sim Racing League 

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