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Sidekick A Useful Assetto Corsa APP

Sidekick A Useful Assetto Corsa APP

Sidekick is a very useful Assetto Corsa mod app that gives out all the useful information needed when racing or driving.

Seeking a top-notch informational app for Assetto Corsa? Look no further; Sidekick is your answer. In sim racing, information is not just helpful, it’s vital. Sidekick stands out in this crowded field with its intuitive design and user-friendly interface.

This app transforms your racing experience by providing critical data in a streamlined, accessible way. Whether you’re navigating tight corners or strategizing for your next big race, Sidekick delivers the insights you need. Its user-friendly approach has garnered praise for enhancing gameplay, making it a must-have for serious Assetto Corsa fans.

In short, Sidekick isn’t just another sim racing app; it’s a game-changer, offering valuable information at your fingertips, enhancing your driving precision, and elevating your overall sim racing experience.



To download sidekick visit: Sidekick 

Creators notes:

Besides the always visible stuff (gear, speed and rpm light), the app is divided into five sections, contents of which can be switched either by mouse or by keyboard (Alt + A to switch between sections, Alt + S to toggle available data in the selected section).

First section is timings. Here, you can toggle current lap time, last lap time, best lap time and personal best lap time. Of course, keeping with tradition of RaceEssentials, lap validity is monitored and personal best laps are saved accross sessions.

Second section is deltas. You’re provided with advanced delta calculation using normalized spline position and interpolation for delta best and delta personal best, and a bit more simple distance and speed based deltas to car in front/behind. There’s also a delta pacing indicator, showing you whether you’re gaining or losing time at any particular moment (delta best and delta personal best only).

Third section is lap number and current position, along with remaining session time for applicable sessions. Pretty simple and self-explanatory.

Fourth section is handling fuel info. You’re provided with current fuel amount, and after you complete a lap, you’ll be able to check consumption per lap and how many laps you’ll be able to complete. If you’re in a race with a set number of laps, you’ll also have info how much fuel you need to finish the race, and if you’re short, how much you need to top up.

Fifth section is all about tyres. You can toggle between tyre wear, tyre temperatures, tyre pressures and ideal values for the compound in use. The app knows ideal temperatures and pressures for all the cars currently available in Assetto Corsa and will color them accordingly.

Besides these five sections, there are also so-called “Dominant events”, where all the sections will be hidden temporarily to get your maximum attention on the message. Currently, dominant events are: major FFB clipping (the app won’t bother you unless it’s really significant), wheel direction detection at race start, setting a best time, setting a personal best time and “session is soon about to end” notification.

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