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Sim Racing Week in Review: 4th to 10th January 2021

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Having come off the back of 2020 with what can only be described as a tough year for everyone around the world.

Thus, I do not need to give an introduction to another boom happening in sim racing epsorts A massive influx of content and traffic flocking into the virtual racing landscape, exposing and emerging content creators to a much bigger audience than ever before.

Under lockdown, people were staying at home more, people needed a fix, a buzz of entertainment and sim racing was for many that scratch.

Resulting in an explosion of new sim racing creators that have burst onto the scene dreaming of “making it” to the big time, thus a constant stream of sim racing content drops on social platforms all over on a daily basis.

Esports sim racing series’ are kicking it up a gear (which in future we will delve into more in-depth discussion) with some outstanding talent showing up on our screens… real racing drivers such as Jenson Button, Lando Norris, Max Verstappen and many more turning up to events and racing against similar-minded people in the community.

Sim racing is alive, thriving and getting the following status it fully deserves as a professional and amateur esport genre.

The big content creators such as Jimmy Broadbent went into atmospheric subscriber numbers… and still climbing, while the likes of people such as Mike from SimRacing604 content gained traction in outstanding quality and presentation.

We had also seen people like Jardier dominating content for ACC and the rise in female sim racers such as Thea musante also being represented…. amazing charity races and events were held by the likes of MoonieGT and with so many more names and creators alike out there, the representation is huge.

Highlighting the best content creation from this community is at the foremost of my thoughts for this week’s review.

It is harmony in the sim racing community that will make it diverse and strong… competition is always there on the race track but as a community making the most of this booming genre, we are united and strong.

2021 will be a journey for sim racing that I look forward to, not only for viewing sim racing content but also working with creators to provide exposure through our site, support the up and coming talent whose goal of becoming big-hitters within the sim racing community

Who will be that next big creator that joins the realms of the establishment? Who will be the racer that dominates the racing scene in Esports? What have developers in store? Where to race online? What are the best mods? Where is the free stuff?

We will have this covered, so stay tuned as we together make 2021, the Year Of The Sim Racer!

Darren B- Assistant Editor

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Darren Buckner

Darren Buckner

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