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rFactor 2 Tips: How I found 2-seconds with a tyre pressure hack

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Maybe everyone knows about this tyre pressure hack/trick/tip/cheat? Maybe I am the last sim racing guy to know? But it has me fired up to go break some PBs.

I drove up rFactor 2 for the first time in a few weeks as part of a project to compare the seventies Formula 1 cars in Automobilista 2 which both platforms offer as vanilla content. I chose Watkins Glen (No Chicane) because it best resembles the layout of the mid-seventies where F1 lap times were in the mid-to-low 1:40s .

I got down to 1:43s and then remembered a tip/hack I heard on a YT video by Davy Jones about a tyre pressure hack that I had never tried and I have had rF2since it came out and have driven over 1000 hours on it!

With the setup ‘hacked legitimately’ as shown in the video (setup menu) I found the Brabham BT44 (whose tyre pressures were far from minimum in the default setup) much easier to drive, consistent and faster! Two seconds faster!

Proof in the video. Have not yet tried it in other cars but will do so in future.

Note: Most of the new Studio-397 cars, come with the tyre pressure on minimum as a matter of course.

Try it and see if you can find some extra valuable seconds; all free.

Used in this video (all free):

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Paul Velasco

Paul Velasco