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Automobilista 2 V1.0.5.0 now available

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Automobilista 2 V1.0.5.0 now available

Automobilista 2 V1.0.5.0 by Reiza Studios is now available on Steam, featuring the much-awaited GT3 and GT4 car packs as well as various layouts of the Nurburgring Circuit.

With the Nordschleife and 24h layouts not quite ready for this release, we have elected to temporarily offer the other modern Nurburgring layouts FREE to all users until the long layouts are added to the package at some point next week.

Please be advised that upon the addition of the Nordschleife & 24h layouts, all Nurburgring versions will revert to being available only for owners of the DLC or packages that include it.

Updated Force Feedback

This update adds fresh Force Feedback developments, the most significant being:

– Damping now adjustable via in-game FFB menu *
– Enhanced tyre flatspots **
– Enhanced feedback during braking
– Enhanced road feel (adjustable via FX slider) ***
– Improved scrub effect (adjustable via FX slider)
– Effectively eliminated FFB “deadzone” around center in some cars
– Improved gyro moment accuracy
– Now using SETA patch offset/deformation for mechanical trail (much more “organic” feel on edge of grip)
– Tyre temperature and pressure will affect feedback
– More distinctive oversteer / understeer feedback

* We recommend using damping in game vs on wheel setting. Damping in game scales with vehicle, so roughly same level for all cars. On wheel / driver damping doesn’t scale with wheel gain, so if you have gain too low, damping will overwhelm FFB signal.

** flatspots are currently presented in “raw” form. Given tire is split into many small patches, you will receive “impulses” as there are “flat patches” on tire. It depends on amount of wear on individual patch. Hence the note “raw signal”.

*** Road feel is based on physical surface mesh roughness/bumps – which on real vehicles would be “fed back” to the driver via vibration “travelling” thru chassis and as a result will be felt on steering rim especially cars and race cars that have racks bolted directly to chassis, without any sort of insulating “rubber mounts” – take note this would only “vibrate”, not “move” wheel rim left-right. Given our gaming controllers are effectively “1DOF” device – ie. able to move only left or right, we are shaping this vibration such that it can be felt on them too.

IMPORTANT: Custom Force Feedback profiles may be affected by code changes to the FFB system and not work as before the update. If you find that is the case consider sticking to the default profile until the author of the custom alternative updates his version.

V1.0.4.1 -> V1.0.5.0 CHANGELOG:


  • Added GT3 series (currently featuring 2015 Mercedes-AMG GT3 & 2016 Porsche 911 GT3 R & 2019 Mclaren 720S GT3)
  • Added GT4 series (currently featuring 2018 Mclaren 570S GT4, 2017 Camaro GT4-R & 2016 Porsche GT4 Cayman Clubsport)
  • Added 2020 Porsche Carrera Cup Brasil (featuring Porsche GT3 Cup 3.8 & 4.0)
  • Added Nurburgring Track (GP, Veedol & Sprint layouts – DLC TRACK, FREE TO ALL USERS FOR A LIMITED TIME


  • Added support for overriding default liveries with user liveries (more info for this soon)
  • Updated Force Feedback system & Added Damping slider to FFB menu
  • Championship mode: Adjusted Stock Car championship rules to better match real regulations ( refuelling permitted in pitstops; use formation+rolling start; added mandatory pitstop; increased minimum race to to 15 mins to allow AI sensible pitting options


  • Added support for additional UI track filters
  • Fixed incorrect label on FOV options tab when in unselected state
  • Disabled ‘Reset to defaults’ button in main setup screen when fixed setups are used
  • Fixed RR compound decrease button altering wrong value
  • Further reduced opacity of disabled menu options on in-game screens
  • Fixed incorrect current lap in displayed on HUD when rolling start used
  • Gaps now shown in laps rather than time for lapped vehicles on weekend results
  • Added lobby detail page to multiplayer browser
  • Extended MP player interaction dialog to include Vote To Kick
  • Allowed Player interaction dialog acces to all users (previously host only)
  • Updated all in-game leaderboards to allow access to Player interaction dialog (left click / Joypad X)
  • Fixed player name clipping on in-game MP leaderboards


  • Revised tyre treads in GT, Prototypes, Stock Cars, Super V8 for more longitudinal slip & improved force combining
  • Slight reduction to parking force FFB (all cars)
  • Fixed missing autolift function in Mini gearbox
  • Adjusted Max force for MRX (all variants)
  • Reduced default viscous lock & preload baseline in cars in LSD diffs
  • Slightly increased speed sensitivity in road tyre tread (60s Classics, F-Vee, Copa Fusca & Uno)
  • Slightly further reducing lock per clutch in LSD differentials
  • Corrected rev range error in Group A engines
  • Adjusted default gear ratios for Group A
  • Adjusted F-Ultimate sidewall stiffness


  • Scaled the pit exit speed by the outlap slowdown factor (this prevents the AI going offroad after leaving the pits in Taruma)
  • Adjusted AI code to minimise weaving
  • Adjusted AI calculations for enforced pitstops in timed races
  • Further AI callibration pass for Group A, Procar & 125cc karts


  • Added animated helicopter & drones to Adelaide, Brasilia, Brands Hatch, Cadwell Park. Campo Grande, Cascavel, Curitiba, Imola, Jerez, Silverstone, Montreal, Silverstone 2001,
  • Hockenheim (all versions): Minor art & performance pass
  • Montreal: Object LOD fixes & Minor art & performance pass
  • Londrina: Adjusted triggers & start location
  • Donington: Object LOD fixes; Minor art & performance pass
  • Added VR cams for Adelaide, Kansai & Montreal
  • Goiania: Fixed marbles
  • Taruma: Minor art & performance pass
  • Oulton Park: Fixed broken pitcrew/pitbox marker animations in Oulton / Fosters layouts
  • Added helicopter & drone animations to Granja, Londrina, Hockenheim, Ibarra


  • F3 (F301) – Revised and updated liveries including new community skin; Updated leather textures on head rests.
  • Metalmoro MRX: Added dirt / damage effects + Dangling damaged parts + new colliders (all variants)
  • Camaro SS – Corrected LOD D glitch
  • Added Gol) Dirt/Damage effects + Detachable boot lid (all variants)

About Automobilista 2

Automobilista 2 is the culmination of a project developed over the course of nearly a decade. At its core, it is a comprehensive simulation of the brazilian motorsports scene, featuring all major brazilian racing series, race tracks and manufacturers.

Packing an even larger roster of diverse cars and tracks than its predecessor, Automobilista 2 ventures further into the best of international motorsports, including prestigious brands along with iconic venues such as Brands Hatch, Mount Panorama and Imola, at the same time continuing to explore the more exotic and exciting forms of motorsports from around the world.

Boosted by a new technical partnership with the developers of the award-winning Project CARS series, Automobilista 2 is built on the MADNESS engine, providing incredible graphical quality, the most advanced dynamic weather and track condition systems in a racing simulator and superior VR support, to deliver a substantial realism upgrade over its precedecessor and a fully immersive visual experience.

Paul Velasco

Paul Velasco

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