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Fordzilla P1: The ultimate racecar

With the help of the gaming community, Ford have produced the ultimate racecar – the Fordzilla P1 concept.

Known as Project P1, the plan was to create a racing machine for the virtual world. Designers and Team Fordzilla members decided upon attributes which were voted on across social media. With the public opinion taken onboard, Ford went on to design a car fitting the criteria.

What they came up with is the Team Fordzilla P1. The final version designed by Arturo Arino received 84% of the vote and would look right at home amongst some of the Vision Gran Turismo cohort.

Fordzilla P1: The ultimate racecar

Some of the car’s features are pretty outrageous and are a long way off real-world inception. For example, it’s “morphing technology” allows the car to change shape to better suit itself to a certain aspect of the circuit. The drastic rear wing will be able to change from high downforce to low downforce at the push of a button or be transformed into a long tail to suit the long straights on a circuit like the Nordschleife. Any challenge you present the car with, it seems like it will cope just fine…

No performance specs have been revealed just yet by Ford, but a full-scale model is being built to be presented in Cologne at their design studios.

Amko Leenarts, European design director at Ford Europe, has said:

“The Team Fordzilla P1 concept has been an incredible project for our designers as it let all of our imaginations run wild. We hope gamers are as excited about the outcome of their choices as we are.”

Ford are also understood to be in “advanced discussions” to bring the car to “a popular racing game” in 2021. Team Fordzilla UK’s captain Leah Alexandra regularly appears on Forza Monthly streams so maybe Horizon 4 would be a safe bet.

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