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SimRacing604: How to Set Your FOV in Sim Racing

Field of View is a sim racing topic that has many theories, hence some drivers feel ok with the view from sitting on the top of their cars to guys with dashboard viewpoint and those who have the front of nose view.

In the end, the accepted norm is the view one gets when sitting in a cockpit of a car in real life but getting that right can be a chore.

In this video, Mike from SimRacing604 provides an essential guide for those wanting to create the ideal view without compromising speed.

He says in the intro: “Field of view is among the easiest changes you can make to your sim racing
experience and it’s a free means of improving your sense of immersion and maybe even improving your lap times. In this video, I’m going to talk more about why field of view is so important and how you can go about setting it correctly.”

David Sampson’s site on FOV is also a good resource to help you set up with a Field of View (FOV) calculator that will assist you to set up your screens for sim racing, giving you a correct feel within the sim that will help you become faster and more consistent.

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