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UNBOXING: Automobilista 2 becoming more relevant?

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With the latest update, Automobilista 2 released the 2015 Mercedes AMG GT3, 2016 Porsche 911 GT3-R and 2019 McLaren 720S GT3.

The title by Reiza has received mixed reviews so it was time to fire up the sim I know since the Game Stockcar, and Stockcar Extreme Games. Although I have not played it as much as rF2 or AC by a long shot.

Although very niche and Brazil-centric, the Brazilian Stockcars were a blast to drive online and offline. However, the rest of the content did not compare to Assetto.

AMS hit the shelves and I must admit the retro DTMs did not convince me when I tried them when they were available, and I left the sim.

Now the GT3s are out and I sampled all three in a 10-minute qualy/practice session and a ten-minute race, with 19 AI opponents at 100% strength and 60% aggro.

I tried the Merc at old Kyalami, but realised it would be best to do the other two on a modern track so went on to the superb new Kyalami layout with the other two cars.

For the record, out the box, the FFB worked well as did the default setups – they were drivable – with 100+ framerates with all the eye-candy goodies maxed out. Driver view etc needs adjusting to suit your rig or desk. Pretty much plug & play.

It’s three cars reviewed so the video is on the alongside. The first half about driving experience of AMS2 GT3 cars and then where the sim stands in the pecking order of great GT sim titles on the virtual racing market.


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Paul Velasco

Paul Velasco