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Le Mans 24 Hours 2022 A Jewel In The Motorsport Crown

Le Mans 24 Hours 2022 A Jewel In The Motorsport Crown

The world famous Le Mans 24 hours is a jewel in the racing crown. The 2022 event is here and ready to race for the ultimate prize and glory.

The majestic jewel in the crown and world famous Le Mans 24 Hours of 2022 is on the horizon, motorsport fans across the globe will be tuning in to this massive yearly event that is steeped in historic memories that will live forever. The 90th edition of the grandest endurance race on the planet will be live this weekend June 11th -June 12th, will we see the monsoon rain conditions we had seen at Spa Francorchamps or will clear skies be ever present. One thing is for certain, Le Mans chooses her winners.

We have seen so many teams and drivers going for victory in the closing stages of Le Mans, only to have the unthinkable breakdown, crash or electrical failure. Getting your vehicle across the finish line at the end of the 24 hrs is something many have not done, let alone win the outright prize or class victory. One this is for certain, betting sites will be extremely popular as 62 cars take to the track. Amongst the classes are five Hypercars, seven LMGTE Pro challenges, 27 LMP2 cars and 23 LMGTE AM participants, a mighty lineup if we may say so.

The 13.626 KMS circuit has 38 turns situated in northwestern France, so far the #7 Gazoo Racing GR010 Hybrid Toyota Hypercar of Conway, Kobayashi and Lopez has been the quickest on the recent test day. Race day will always through in the surprises of the unknown, SPA cost the lead and possible victory for the #8 Toyota that had an electrical malfunction, Sebastian Buemi was furious when he leaped from the car.

Top 5 At The End Of The second Session

  1. #7 Toyota GR010 Hybrid – Toyota Gazoo Racing – 3:29.896
  2. #708 Glickenhaus 007 LMH – Glickenhaus Racing – 3:30.104
  3. #8 Toyota GR010 Hybrid – Toyota Gazoo Racing – 3:30.490
  4. #709 Glickenhaus 007 LMH – Glickenhaus Racing – 3:30.822
  5. #22 Oreca 07-Gibson – United Autosports – 3:32.099 (leading LMP2)

LMGTE PRO & AM Quickest Times

  • LMGTE Pro #64 Chevrolet Corvette C8.R – Corvette Racing – 3:54.001
  • LMGTE Am #57 Ferrari 488 GTE Evo – Kessel Racing – 3:54.827

Like many motorsport events, passion and desire to succeed always runs high and the Le mans 24 Hours is the ultimate prize. The new Hypercar era is definitely one to keep an eye on, with the trusted, proven and ever popular LMP2 class still going strong. Manufacturers in the GTE class always throw some spice into the mix, glory for the fan’s favourite brands and cars is something to behold.

Respect has to be given to the teams and drivers of this event. To stay fully focused, race or maintain your team is a real challenging battle of the mind and body. One thing is for sure, everyone has their own mantras and routines to help with this, some listen to music, and others find comfort in food, friends and humor. Either way, the challenge of this grand race is far beyond what people understand and will ever experience, but we can enjoy it from the comfort of our own homes or venues as the main event race is live from 16:00 CEST June 11 – June 12th (Check your local timezone).


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