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Limited Edition Valiant Sportscar by Aston Martin and Fernando Alonso

Aston Martin Valiant


Feast your eyes on this limited edition Valiant sportscar launched by Aston Martin and Fernando Alonso, what do you think of it?

Aston Martin has unveiled the Valiant, a new limited edition sportscar developed in collaboration with Formula 1 star Fernando Alonso. Limited to 38 units, the Valiant combines top-tier design with high-performance capabilities.

  • Model: Valiant sportscar
  • Units Produced: 38
  • Price: £2 million ($2.54 million)
  • Designer: Collaboration with Formula 1 driver Fernando Alonso
  • Delivery Start: Q4 2024
  • Sales Status: All units pre-sold


Aims and Strategy: Aston Martin aims to boost its sales and achieve positive cash flow with the introduction of the Valiant. The company has been facing declining sales and hopes this new model will drive revenue growth.

Background: The British carmaker has encountered difficulties over the past few years. Chairman Lawrence Stroll has led efforts to restructure the company, including the introduction of new models and securing significant investments. One notable investor is Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund, which became a major shareholder in 2022.

Current Lineup: The Valiant joins Aston Martin’s lineup of high-end models, which includes:

  • Valkyrie: Another model starting at £2 million
  • Upcoming Valhalla: A mid-engine supercar

Challenges Ahead: Aston Martin faces critical months ahead as it works to overcome previous production and shipment issues. The second half of 2024 will be a test of the company’s ability to increase production and meet demand.

Aston martin

Recent Issues:

  • Production problems with the DB12 in November
  • Delays and high costs associated with delivering the limited-edition Valkyrie

A Big Leap Forward or a Small Step?

The Valiant represents a significant step in Aston Martin’s strategy to revitalize its brand and improve its financial performance. The company is focused on addressing past challenges and meeting its production targets in the coming months.

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