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F1 24 v1.5 Patch Update: Key Improvements and Fixes

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The latest v1.5 patch for F1 24 will be available on all platforms starting June 24 at 10am UTC. Ensure your device is connected to online services to receive the update. Here’s a breakdown of the key improvements and fixes in this patch:


  • Ferrari Updates: Name, livery, and driver suits for Scuderia Ferrari have been updated.
  • AI Enhancements: Improved ERS usage for better overtaking and gap-building.
  • Starting Grid Fix: Resolved issue causing the game to stop on the starting grid.
  • Track Adjustment: Flattened bump at Catalunya turn 13.
  • UI Improvements: Changed colours for Haas & Visa Cash App RB for easier identification.
  • ERS Adjustments: Increased brake pressure needed for ERS stop, aiding controller and pedal users.
  • Multiplayer Realism: Vehicles in multiplayer races crash more realistically.
  • Engineer Commands: Fixed issue preventing use of Engineer commands during sessions.
  • Tire Compounds: All cars now use correct tire compounds in Sprint Qualifying 1 & 2.
  • AI Consistency: Improved simulated AI times to match on-track times.
  • DRS Markers: Adjusted to correct locations at Spa and Melbourne.

Game Stability

  • Season 2 Crashes: Fixed crashes when accessing ‘messages’ with driver moves enabled.
  • Two Player Career: Resolved issue preventing resume with 120hz+ refresh rates.
  • Career Progression: Fixed stuck issues in My Team and Driver Career modes.


  • Suspension Adjustments: Front suspension now visually attaches to wheels.
  • UI Scaling: Fixed scaling issues at higher resolutions on PC.
  • Lighting and Reflections: Improved lighting in cutscenes and better reflections on helmets.
  • Safety Car Cameras: Enhanced cinematic views.

Career Mode

  • Quick Practice Fix: Resolved issues in Challenge Career.
  • Practice Programme Timer: Fixed missing timer in Two Player Career.
  • Fanzone Display: Accurate display of Fanzone total and driver market details.
  • Collision Points: Points deducted for small collisions in Challenge Career.
  • Recognition Values: More variety in expected values when comparing teams.


  • Commentator Accuracy: Correct name usage for Juan Pablo Montoya.
  • Improved Quality: Better audio on PS4/PS5 with connected headphones.
  • Pre-Race Audio: Correct commentator discussion and engine startup sounds.


  • Force Feedback: Fixed for Logitech G923 on Xbox Series X.
  • Fanatec Displays: MPH setting now shown correctly.
  • New Wheel Support: Added support for Moza Racing R3 and Turtle Beach® VelocityOne™ wheels.


  • Vehicle Clipping: Fixed clipping at Suzuka turn 9.
  • Safety Car Indicators: All sectors now show yellow during Safety Car/VSC.
  • Splitscreen Fixes: Resolved driver selection and livery customization issues.
  • UDP Data: Correct data transmission for online qualifying sessions.
  • Detailed Stats: Active Specialists now have detailed post-session statistics.
  • UI Improvements: Various minor fixes and stability improvements.

Stay connected to enjoy these enhancements and fixes for a better gaming experience.

Darren Buckner

Darren Buckner

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