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Eddie Jordan: I would Ban Verstappen From Sim Racing

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Former F1 team owner Eddie Jordan questions Max Verstappen’s involvement in sim racing and how it has a negative impact on his F1 racing.

Eddie Jordan, the former Formula 1 team boss, has raised concerns about Max Verstappen’s participation in online sim racing events. Jordan believes these activities could be impacting Verstappen’s on-track performance, even though Verstappen currently leads the 2024 drivers’ standings.

Verstappen recently secured his sixth victory of the season at the Canadian Grand Prix, bouncing back from a less successful outing in Monaco. Despite his impressive track record, Jordan argues that Verstappen should focus solely on his F1 duties.

Eddie Jordan: “If I had been Christian (Horner), I’d have said, ‘I’m sorry Max, you’re here, you’re being paid this kind of money to represent the sponsors, the team, everybody associated with the suppliers etc”. Jordan makes the point that his (Max) F1 career is the pinnacle and should be represented to the fullest without any distractions.

Jordan shared his thoughts during his Formula for Success podcast:

  • Performance Concerns: Questioned if online racing affects Verstappen’s F1 performance.
  • Current Success: Acknowledged Verstappen’s lead in the 2024 drivers’ standings.
  • Recent Wins: Noted Verstappen’s sixth win of the season in Canada.
  • Focus: Emphasized the need for Verstappen to concentrate exclusively on F1.
  • Talent and Dedication: Recognized Verstappen’s exceptional skill and commitment.

Jordan’s comments have sparked a debate on whether drivers should engage in off-track racing activities. As Verstappen continues to dominate the season, the impact of his online racing remains a topic of discussion.

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