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SimGrid Seasons: Console Players Get the Spotlight

SimGrid and professional motorsports driver David Perel put console players at the centre of attention with SimGrid Seasons.

Console Comes First

For the first time, SimGrid Seasons is prioritizing console players, reversing the usual trend of PC-first releases. This move acknowledges the needs of console sim racers as an audience well-understood by SimGrid’s founder, David Perel, who began his sim racing journey on a console.

Introducing SimGrid Seasons

SimGrid Seasons offers a daily racing and matchmaking system for Assetto Corsa Competizione on consoles. Powered by G Portal, this system ensures fair competition by matching drivers of similar skill levels using a “Grid Rating” system.


Series Available at Launch

  1. Quick Race
    • 12-minute races
    • No qualifying
    • High-paced and fun
    • 3 races every hour
  2. Proving Grounds
    • Longer races than Quick Race
    • Includes a qualifying session
    • Prepares drivers for more serious competitions
  3. Half Hour Dash
    • Longer qualifying and race lengths
    • Potential future prizes
  4. Mini Enduro
    • Involves pit stops, weather, and race strategy
    • Future prizes likely


How to Register

To join SimGrid Seasons:

  1. Create an active SimGrid profile (takes less than 60 seconds) right here
  2. Follow the step-by-step guide provided by SimGrid.

SimGrid Pro Rebrands to Grid Pass

SimGrid Pro, now rebranded as Grid Pass, retains its features, including:

  • Entry to events
  • Team creation
  • Profile customization
  • Advanced driving statistics
  • Performance analysis
  • Ad-free browsing
  • Calendar feed access
  • Access to Seasons racing

Additional Updates

SimGrid has implemented several updates, including:

  • Dark Mode: A new dark theme for the site.
  • Featured Hosts Section: Displays SimGrid Partner hosts on the homepage.
  • Improved Mobile Experience: Enhanced sitewide mobile browsing.
  • New Grid Feed: UI-focused improvements for a better racing hub.
  • Redesigned Navigation Bar: Quick links for easier access.
  • Improved Results Section: Summary of performance and detailed results.
  • Stats Page Redesign: Better presentation and mobile viewing of racing statistics.

Stay Tuned

A major new feature to streamline event workflows is coming soon. SimGrid Seasons is an exciting development for console sim racers, offering a fair and engaging racing experience.

Darren Buckner

Darren Buckner

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