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Need for Speed Unbound Vol. 7.1.0

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Criterion Games has unleashed the Vol. 7.1.0 patch for Need for Speed Unbound, bringing a ton of upgrades and fixes. Here are the key highlights:

Solo Play Enriched

  • Solo playlists now available in free roam
  • Player count reduced to 1 for starting game modes
  • Removed playlists reinstated due to popular demand

Drifting and Drag Overhaul

  • Drift scoring and chaining bonuses fixed
  • Twin drift requires input from both players
  • Drag race starting grid resets and warmup teleports addressed

League Progression Polished

  • Garage and HUD progression display issues resolved
  • Proper racer/rival status shown when next rival locked

Customization Expansion

  • HKS and KUMHO decals added to wrap editor
  • Missing 2024 Ford Mustang customization restored

Visual and Audio Enhancements

  • Animated wheels, smoke trails, air trails repaired
  • PS5 haptic feedback issues eliminated
  • Perfect start values corrected for street races

Quality of Life Improvements

  • Skip track functionality fixed for events
  • Drag playlist and objective display bugs squashed
  • UI overlap and graphics corruption issues solved

Under the Hood

  • Overall stability boosted
  • Various other minor bugs fixed

Upcoming Roadwork

  • Devs investigating PVP door matchmaking problems

With this substantial update, Need for Speed Unbound racers can expect a smoother, more feature-rich experience across all modes.

Darren Buckner

Darren Buckner

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