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Latest RaceRoom Update Includes AI Improvements and More

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AI enhancements on different vehicles and circuits getting attention are the highlight of RaceRoom’s newest update.

From car setup tweaks to track updates and enhanced AI behaviour, the latest update for the racing simulation RaceRoom aims to provide a more polished and realistic driving experience.

Several Vehicles Received Adjustments to Their Setups

The Audi R18 and GT2 class cars now benefit from fine-tuned settings, while the fuel usage and estimates have been updated for the BMW M2 CS, G82 GT4, and M235i models, ensuring more accurate fuel management during races.

Some Circuits Have Also Been Given a Fresh Coat of Paint

The Autodrom Most track has been updated to reflect its 2024 specifications, complete with a new pitlane entrance, improved terrain textures, and normal maps for enhanced visuals. Additionally, the Dubai GP circuit has seen fixes to its pitlane entrance waypoints, addressing any potential issues for drivers entering and exiting the pits.

Perhaps the Most Significant Improvements Lie in Artificial Intelligence

Across a wide range of car classes and tracks, the AI opponents have received substantial enhancements to their behaviour. From the various Formula RaceRoom vehicles to the Group 4, Procar, Group 5, GTR3, and Silhouette cars, the AI drivers now exhibit more realistic and challenging driving patterns.


Other notable updates include the addition of ABS level telemetry data for third-party apps and a fix for the Time Attack spawn locator issue at Portimao.

With this comprehensive update, RaceRoom continues to push the boundaries of what a racing simulation can offer, delivering a more immersive and authentic experience for virtual drivers around the world.

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