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Need for Speed Unbound Vol. 7 Update: A Nod to Underground

Need for Speed Unbound Vol. 7 Update: A Nod to Underground

The newest Need for Speed Unbound Vol. 7 update brings nostalgic Underground vibes and new content.

The latest update for Need for Speed Unbound, Vol. 7 is bringing with it a wave of nostalgia and fresh content that pays homage to the beloved Need for Speed Underground. This update introduces new gameplay modes, vehicles, and a progression system designed to keep players engaged and racing at full throttle.

Drift and Drag Racing Modes

Two new racing modes, Drift and Drag, are now available. Drift mode has undergone a significant overhaul, offering precise control tailored for drift builds. This ensures that players can execute perfect drifts with greater ease and accuracy.

Drag mode, on the other hand, shifts the focus to manual gear shifts, strategic lane changes to avoid obstacles, and timed nitrous boosts. This mode supports up to four players, adding a competitive edge to the straight-line racing experience.

League Progression System

The new League progression system introduces a competitive layer to the game. Players can engage in head-to-head battles against rival racers in single-player free roam. The stakes are high, as winning these battles can earn players the unique cars of their rivals.

Additionally, a community challenge is in place that, when completed, unlocks the final boss and a special custom car, adding a cooperative aspect to the competitive progression.

New Cars Vol. 7 introduces two new cars to the game:

  • BMW M3 Competition Touring ’23: An agile and versatile vehicle perfect for tackling various racing challenges.
  • Ford Mustang Dark Horse ’24: A powerful muscle car that brings raw power and performance to the tracks.
  • Both cars are fully customizable, allowing players to modify them with body kits to suit their style and performance preferences.

NFS Legends Content

For fans of Need for Speed Underground, the Vol. 7 update is a treasure trove of nostalgia. The NFS Legends content adds Underground-inspired PVP playlists featuring iconic cars like Eddie’s Skyline and Rachel’s 350Z. Players can also unlock Melissa’s Eclipse, further expanding their car collection with legendary models.

Speed Pass and Additional Content

The update also introduces a 45-tier Speed Pass. This pass offers various rewards, including the BMW M3, character skins, rims, and XP boosts. It’s designed to provide players with a steady stream of incentives as they progress through the tiers.

Comprehensive Gameplay Enhancements

The Drift, Drag, and League playlists are available in both PVP and free roam modes, ensuring that players have ample opportunities to enjoy the new content. This update celebrates classic drift and drag gameplay while introducing competitive progression, customizable new cars, and a touch of nostalgia for long-time fans of the series.

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