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Exclusive: Track Titan Will Support Forza Motorsport, Become Faster

Exclusive: Track Titan Will Support Forza Motorsport, Become Faster

Track Titan gives exclusive information to Simrace247 on the upcoming support for Forza Motorsport, are you ready to become better and faster?

Are you a gamer who enjoys playing Forza Motorsport and looking to take your skills to the next level? Look no further than Track Titan, the ultimate sim racing app soon to be supporting Forza Motorsport.

The good people over at Track Titan have given Simrace247 some inside information as Forza Motorsport will be supported by the Track Titan app very shortly.

Whilst Track Titan supports titles such as iRacing, Assetto Corsa Competizione and more, Forza Motorsport is a welcoming addition.

With its cutting-edge features and powerful analysis tools, Track Titan is your secret weapon to becoming a faster and more consistent driver in Forza Motorsport and other racing titles.

Forza Motorsport

New Advanced Layout for Track Titan

Max Teichert founder of Track Titan announced: “The focus of Track Titan has always been to make racing insights easily accessible for all sim racers, not just those who know how to read detailed telemetry graphs. However, from our own pro experience, we know how useful it can be to have more data and see it all together so you can now simply switch between the two modes on the segment page”.


Identify Your Mistakes and Improve with Focus Zone and Quick Tips

Track Titan’s revolutionary Focus Zone and Quick Tips features are game-changers for any sim racer. Focus Zone allows you to pinpoint specific sections of the track where you’re losing time or making mistakes, while Quick Tips provides real-time feedback and actionable advice to help you correct your driving techniques on the fly.

Benchmark Your Performance Against the Best

Are you curious how your lap times stack up against the pros? Track Titan’s lap comparison tool lets you directly compare your laps against e-sports professionals, giving you invaluable insights into where you can gain precious seconds. Additionally, you can analyze your reference laps to identify areas for improvement and track your progress over time.

Elevate Your Skills with Academy Learning Content

It does not matter if you are a newcomer to sim racing or a veteran as Track Titan’s Academy learning content is a treasure trove of knowledge. From driving fundamentals to advanced racing techniques, expert-curated videos and tutorials will help you master every aspect of sim racing, ensuring you have the skills to conquer any virtual circuit.

Here is a sneak peak at Forza Motorsport and Track Titan app: Track Titan Session

Community Challenges and Leaderboards: Stay Motivated and Engaged

Track Titan’s community challenges and leaderboards foster a vibrant and competitive environment, keeping you motivated and engaged. Compete against fellow sim racers worldwide, chase personal bests, and climb the ranks in various challenges tailored to your skill level.

Analyze Your Racing Line and Pedal Inputs

Gain a deeper understanding of your driving style with Track Titan’s advanced telemetry analysis. Visualize your racing line, study your braking and throttle inputs, and identify areas where you can optimize your technique for maximum performance.

With Track Titan’s powerful suite of features and support for Forza Motorsport, you have everything you need to become a faster, more consistent, and more skilled sim racer.

Download the app today and unlock your true racing potential! Track Titan | Get the Inside Line

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