iRacing Special Event: Super Late Model Winter Derby

iRacing Special Event: Super Late Model Winter Derby
More great iRacing action with the Winter Derby

The iRacing special event Winter Derby at Five Flags Speedway in Pensacola featuring the Super Late Model for a legendary 300-lap duel is on this week.

The iRacing Winter Derby unfolds this week at the renowned Five Flags Speedway in Pensacola, Florida, this special event featuring the Super Late Model will bring some top racing action.

Rev up your excitement for the Winter Derby! Held at Five Flags Speedway in virtual Pensacola, Florida, this event is the ultimate gathering of the nation’s finest short track racers. Brace yourself for a 300-lap showdown on the half-mile track, where speed and skill take center stage.

Cars Competing & Dates

  • Super Late Model
  • November 25, 2023

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