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MX vs ATV Legends: GASGAS DLC Pack 2023

MX vs ATV Legends: GASGAS DLC Pack 2023
MX vs ATV Legends – GASGAS Pack 2023

MX vs ATV Legends celebrates its community of over 1 million players in 2023 and drops a GASGAS DLC Pack just for good measure.

THQ Nordic is delighted to share the release of the 2023 GASGAS DLC Pack and the exciting news that MX vs ATV Legends has successfully amassed a community of over one million passionate riders all vying for the top spot in races, showcasing their skills with breathtaking stunts, and hunting down the elusive fastest lap times.

In a groundbreaking move for the MX vs ATV franchise, Rainbow Studios is pleased to announce the integration of GASGAS bikes, enriching MX vs ATV Legends with a diverse and high-quality selection of vehicles. The MX vs ATV Legends: GASGAS DLC not only brings in four new bikes but also includes the authentic Troy Lee Designs RedBull GASGAS factory race team gear set and striking graphics kit. This addition significantly enhances the gameplay experience, providing more options and excitement for the dedicated player base.

This pack includes the following vehicles:

  • 2023 GASGAS MC125
  • 2023 GASGAS MC250
  • 2023 GASGAS MC250F
  • 2023 GASGAS MC450F

Propel yourself to triumph in MX vs ATV Legends, where you can dominate the tracks riding high-speed bikes, agile ATVs, and powerful UTVs. Experience the excitement of racing through expansive new open-world environments that offer endless exploration and challenging terrains. Immerse yourself in a comprehensive career mode, capturing the true essence of a professional rider’s journey.

Embark on a journey to carve out your legacy, leaving an indelible mark on the off-road racing world. Your moment of glory awaits — seize it and transform into a legendary figure in the exhilarating realm of MX vs ATV Legends!

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Darren Buckner

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