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Trackmania Ubisoft Club Tournament Laserhawk Competitions

Trackmania Ubisoft Club Tournament Laserhawk Competitions

An Exciting Challenge Awaits with the Trackmania Ubisoft Club Tournament Laserhawk Competitions on November 1st at 8 PM CET, sign up now!

Register now to compete in the Laserhawk Competitions, part of the Trackmania Ubisoft Club Tournament, and showcase your gaming skill.

Tournament Format & Schedule

The Ubisoft Club Tournament kicks off with a Time Attack seeding phase, allowing participants to display their prowess on two unique Laserhawk tracks. In this initial phase, competitors must outperform their adversaries to secure a spot among the top 64, thereby earning a place in the quarterfinals which features intense competitions in groups of 16. Following this, the action intensifies in the quarter and semi-finals which are conducted under the rounds game mode. Participants will engage in three rounds of competition across all five Laserhawk tracks, with a crucial warm-up session included.

Grab the Trackmania racing title

Only the top four players from each match will have the opportunity to advance to the next thrilling stage of the tournament. The culmination of this intense competition is the Grand Final, where the eight best players will compete under the Cup game mode for ultimate glory. The champion of this grand showdown will not only earn the prestigious title of ultimate champion but will also receive exclusive Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix treasures as a reward for their exceptional gaming skills.

Uncover Hidden Treasures with the Laserhawk Campaign

Immerse yourself in the Laserhawk campaign, an exciting journey through five diverse tracks ranging from “Welcome to Eden” to “Megacity Race,” each presenting a progressively challenging experience. This exhilarating adventure starts on November 1st at 11:59 PM CET, when the rankings will be solidified, and the champions will be celebrated. The victor will receive more than just acclaim; they’ll be rewarded with exclusive Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix goodies, ensuring their triumph is forever commemorated.

Don’t miss your chance to climb the leaderboard and master all five tracks, preparing yourself for the upcoming challenges in the Ubisoft Club Tournament. And as you strive for victory enhance your gaming experience by adorning your vehicle with the unique Laserhawk car skin, available now in-game. Embrace the competition, showcase your skills, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll emerge as the champion.


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