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Nissan Next Gen High Performance EV Concept Car

Nissan Announces Next Gen High Performance EV Concept Car! Instrument Panel GUI Developed in Collaboration with Polyphony Digital

On 25 October 2023, Nissan announced the ‘Nissan Hyper Force’ , a next gen high performance EV concept car at the Japan Mobility Show 2023. The Nissan Hyper Force is designed to combine ultimate driving pleasure with high-level environmental performance and everyday comfort.

Nissan and Polyphony Digital

GUI Designed in Collaboration with Polyphony Digital

The Nissan Hyper Force features a GUI (Graphical User Interface) developed in collaboration between Nissan and Polyphony Digital. This specially designed GUI adjusts the colour and display of the instrument panel to suit the driving mode selected. The driver can choose between a high-performance R (Racing) mode and a GT (Grand Touring) mode for smooth and comfortable driving.

Nissan and Polyphony Digital have worked together on a variety of successful projects since the very beginning of the Gran Turismo series and will continue to collaborate on future ventures.

The Nissan Hyper Force will be on display at Japan Mobility Show 2023 alongside other Nissan concept cars and special edition cars for Nissan’s 90th anniversary.

About Polyphony Digital

Polyphony Digital is a well-known Japanese video game development company, recognized for its expertise in creating highly detailed and realistic racing simulation games. The company is a subsidiary of Sony Interactive Entertainment, and it was initially formed in April 1998.

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