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GRG Touring Car Series RaceRoom NORISRING

GRG Touring Car Series RaceRoom NORISRING

More great sim racing action fort you to check out on the RaceRoom platform with the GRG Touring Car series.

You are invited to partake or check out the upcoming race with GRG at NORISRING, which marks the next event in the GRG Touring Car Series in RaceRoom. By accepting this invitation, you gain exclusive access to a thriving community that fosters an extensive array of simulated racing experiences, encompassing diverse gaming platforms and classifications.

Thursday, October 19th at 20:00 EDT

[8:00 PM] Practice: 10 Minutes
[8:10 PM] Qualifying: 10 Minutes
[8:20 PM] Warmup: 3 Minutes
[8:23 PM] Race 1: 15 Minutes
[8:38 PM] Warmup: 3 Minutes
[8:41 PM] Race 2: 15 Minutes

Special Rules:
All 2018-22 WTCR and Touring Cup Cars are available
Max of 1-3 driver(s) per livery
— Liveries will be on a car to car basis
Standing Starts
Top 10 Reverse Grid for Race 2
Manufacturer points
— Top 2 finishers from each manufacturer score points
4 Drop Races
For more info check ⁠grg-rules-and-regulations

GRG eSports is a league partner with simrace247: GRG eSports 

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