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Need For Speed Unbound Volume 5 Released Today

Need For Speed Unbound Volume 5 Released Today

Those who are still blasting around in Need for Speed Unbound can look forward to the release of the Volume 5 update.

Volume 5 in Need for Speed unbound releases today, packed with more content, features and more for you to get busy with.

The Vol.5 update brings with it Linkup areas that now cover all 14 areas, 75 Speed Pass levels, and a host of new vehicles to unlock for free alongside some new premium content.


Join 16 players and take on all 14 Linkups from Vol. 3 and Vol. 4. Show them why you are at the top of your game, competing in over four rounds showcasing epic stunts and heroic driving. Contribute most to come out as MVP in locations including the Yams Wind Farm, Marigold Golf Course, and Jefferson Quarry.


As with all previous Volumes, 75 refreshed free ranks in Speed Pass are waiting for you with some wild retro kaleidoscopic cosmetics and customizations. Reach rank 50 and you’ll cruise the scene in the Buick Grand National GNX (1987).


Prove your notoriety taking on over sixty new Daily, Weekly, and One-Shot Challenges in Vol.5. Tackle all this alongside more than 150 previously featured Challenges too, helping you earn XP and build your Bank.

Think you’re up to the task of getting 25 near misses in any BMW whilst being chased by cops? If so, you’ll unlock the fresh BMW M2 Coupé (2023).


With the launch of Vol.5, we’ve added three new Premium DLC packs* that are ready and waiting to go. Here’s what’s in the store.

Trick or Street Swag Pack

Show you’ve reached the top of the scene and you’re not going anywhere in the Legendary Custom MINI John Cooper Works Countryman ’17, part of the new Trick or Street Swag Pack. This premium pack contains an incredible range of classically designed artwork inspired by the rubber hose style of the golden age of American animation. These designs are featured across items including a clothing pack, Skeleton Head mask, a driving effect, an exclusive horn, and more.

Volkswagen Beetle (1963) Legendary Custom Pack

This pack gets you the Legendary Custom Volkswagen Beetle (1963) (custom bodykit and livery) AND a 10 level Speed Pass boost, which will reward you with 10 exciting new cosmetic or customization items! Use it wisely, as it doesn’t take you past rank 75, and the boost kicks in as soon as the pack is purchased!

Vol.5 Customs Pack

Last but not least, the Vol.5 Customs Pack features three new custom builds to get your hands-on. The Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport (2017), BMW i8 Coupé (2018), and the Mercedes-AMG C 63 Coupe (2018).

EA Play** Exclusive

Oh, and we’ve another EA Play bonus for you too, the Epic Custom Mercury Cougar (1967) will be waiting in your garage.


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