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Ride 5 Update And Patch

Ride 5 Update And Patch

Motorcycle racing title Ride 5 brings out a new patch update to fix some issues within the game, details are provided.

Its always great to see the gaming developers iron out any issues within its gaming title, Ride 5 releases a patch update to fix some issues. New adjustments have been made to smooth your play and enjoy the thrill of RIDE 5 even more, check them out below:

  • Minor adjustments on time attack times in career mode
  • Minor fixes in the UGC browser
  • Fixed lighting in shared UGC suit and helmet previews
  • Fixed crash in Helmet editor
  • Fixed button visibility in Editor in HDR mode
  • Fixed AI crashes on some tracks
  • Fixed some bugs in the online lobby filters
  • Fixed Ideal trajectory with H2 category
  • Fixed controller feedback in Split screen mode
  • Removed invalid times from leaderboards
  • Minor fixes on bikes and tracks

Rev up your engine and get ready to hit the track with RIDE 5. An adrenaline-filled gaming experience that is so authentic it will make you feel like you’re truly racing at break-neck speed.

Find your favorite bikes and check out new ones in the ultimate motorcycle game! Race on over 35 tracks and collect more than 200 motorcycles from world-renowned manufacturers, each element is designed to feel like you’re riding a real bike.


It’s not just speed that wins races – Endurance mode rewards perseverance and strategy. Time is no longer the issue, ride to your heart’s content with the option of saving, exiting and jumping back in later. Just make sure you keep an eye on fuel and pit-stops – these helplines can quickly become your worst nightmare!


Start out in your garage, climb the ranks and become the best world racer in the new Career mode.Race against increasingly skilled Rivals, true obstacles who will stand between you and the finish line. Learn to master different bikes and handle every situation.It won’t be easy though… The road to victory is laden with challenges and it’s up to you to decide which one you want to take – the harder the challenge, the greater the reward!

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Darren Buckner

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