Known Issues in Gran Turismo 7

Known Issues in Gran Turismo 7

Those over at Polyphony highlight the current known issues affecting Gran Turismo 7 across different modes and more.

The following is a list of known issues for Gran Turismo 7.

Application Error / Progression Blocker
 - In Sport Mode Daily Races or Championships, once the matchmaking has completed, the game may freeze, or an application may error occur on the loading screen before a qualifying time trial or race.

*We are currently investigating the issue and working on a fix.

– In certain Race Events, the application crashes on the Rewards and Rating screen, preventing any further progression.

– In the ‘Lobby’, there have been cases where ‘Preparing’ is displayed on-screen but the Host cannot start the race. Having all room members leave and re-enter the room will allow the race to be started;
– In a ‘2P Split Screen’ race, the Assist Settings for Player 2 are locked. We plan to fix this in a future update. (Player 1 will use the same Assist Settings as defined in [Settings] > [Assist Settings]);
– In the ‘Lobby’, there have been cases where players in the same room do not appear on the member list or during the race. In this case, an application error will occur when the host starts the race;
– In the ‘Lobby’, there have been cases wherein completing a race would not let users progress further.

Those issues are planned to be solved with a future update.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.