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TrackMania 2023 Fall Update

TrackMania 2023 Fall Update

With the 2023 fall campaign out and in full swing, the TrackMania racing title has released an update to fix known issues and more.

Its the season of racing as they say, the 2023 Fall campaign in Trackmania has been seeing some great racing from its community, recently a new update and changelog has dropped.

Discover these 25 new tracks for free on console and PC! Alongside this new campaign comes a new update. Here is the full changelog:

Attention: you absolutely need to update your dedicated server with the new exe and titlepack if you want players to connect to it.

Due to the restructure of almost all paths withing the titlepack, you will need to update non-official game modes which are using official paths from the titlepack. Also, to improve the security, the token API is not available withing maniascripts and manialinks.

Known issue: only 10 tracks are displayed in the official channel of the campaign.

  • Add a splashscreen to better communicate new content in the game. You can deactivate the splashscreen in the settings if you own the Standard or Club access.
  • Switch menu music according to the current season.
  • Update the menu design for the item collections popup.
  • Add trigram on the car 3D model in the menu.
  • Add club premade themes on PC.
  • Display maniapub activity popup in the clubs.
  • Improve the display of the next medal UI panel.


  • Improve track selection to avoid recently played tracks.
  • Add new animation in Ranked and Royal when a friend joins the player.
  • Add possibility to switch between Ranked and Royal directly from the menu without losing your squad.
  • Fix an issue where you wouldn’t see you friends in a squad in Royal or Ranked after they accept the invitation.
  • New Party Code menu design.
  • Fix respawn delay issue in Royal.
  • Improve the back button functionnality.
  • Fix navigation on the Super Royal button.
  • Fix colors in the 3D scene in Ranked.


  • Fix mods not loading properly or tracks not starting on Xbox platforms.
  • Fix crash with mods using 8k images (fix the crash for the track of the day “RACE TO STaDOS”).
  • Fix the toggle of ghosts and markers while watching a ghost replay ingame.
  • Fix text chat not displayed correctly sometimes (on PC first with this update, then on consoles next update).
  • Fix inputs behavior while following a ghost in campaign.
  • Fix a crash in the gamepad editor auto finish feature.
  • Fix the TM World Cup WR display.
  • Fix an opacity issue in the arcade menu.
  • Fix wrong buttons shown in menu.
  • Fix setting S_ChatTime missing in rooms.
  • Fix navigation issues in club administration.
  • Fix track unlock medals needed displayed in club campaigns.
  • Fix wrong thumbnail shown in the Arcade popup.
  • Fix confusing choice in privacy preferences at startup.
  • Fix helper in COTD too small.
  • Fix small text in the leaderboard.
  • Fix small text in garage and campaign popup.
  • Fix campaign unlock system applied to old campaigns as well.
  • Fix voicechat not working anymore if you invite your friend again.
  • Remove unused setting analogsteerv2.
  • Improve browser popup display for skins, images, and files.
  • Fix crash on dedicated server with 1599 maps when trying to open menu.
  • Fix crash when uploading too many tracks in the track upload activity.
  • Fix crash when uploading too many tracks on a local server.
  • Improve the joining process of a club room.
  • Fix room password displayed in capslock although it was case sensitive.
  • Improve security for API calls.
  • Fix a crash in the club menu.
  • Fix duplicate Ubisoft Connect profile buttons on PC.
  • Fix crash while using speech to text.
  • Fix exe certificate not signed by antivirus on PC.
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Darren Buckner

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