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Revolutionize Your Sim Racing Experience with MOZA Exclusive Bundle Offer

Revolutionize Your Sim Racing Experience with MOZA Exclusive Bundle Offer

Leading the way in sim racing innovation, MOZA is excited to announce three R9 bundle offers that are set to take your racing experience to the next level.

MOZA Racing is renowned for its cutting-edge technology and precision engineering, the MOZA R9 V2 Direct Drive Wheelbase is now available in three exclusive bundles featuring the CS V2 wheel, RS V2 wheel, and GS GT V2 wheel.

The MOZA R9 Direct Drive Wheelbase: A Game Changer

The MOZA R9 Direct Drive Wheelbase is no stranger to excellence. As one of our best-selling products, it has earned a reputation for its unrivaled performance, durability, and precision. Equipped with advanced features and meticulously engineered for perfection, the R9 offers the most immersive sim racing experience you can imagine.

Introducing the Ultimate R9 Racing Bundles at a Reduced Price

MOZA understands the diverse preferences of sim racers, which is why we are thrilled to introduce three distinct steering wheel bundles that cater to all types of racing enthusiasts and to make things sweeter, we are offering them at a reduced price!

1. The CS V2 Wheel Bundle: With the steering wheel size closest to real racing cars, it offers you highly simulated racing to the next level! The R9 V2 base and CS V2 wheel now at $669 / € 739.00 / £649.00 / AUD 1,199.00 / JPY 99,900.00.

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2.The RS V2 Wheel Bundle: For those who prefer the classic round-wheel design, the RS V2 is the ideal choice, offering a drifting experience par excellence than never!

3. The GS GT V2 Wheel Bundle: Designed for GT racing aficionados, the GS GT V2 wheel provides the perfect grip and handling for a realistic GT racing experience.

MOZA’s commitment to delivering the ultimate sim racing experience is unwavering. With these exclusive bundles, we aim to empower sim racers of all skill levels to reach new heights of immersion, precision, and excitement. Whether you’re a fan of classic round wheels, GT racing, or drifting, there’s a bundle that’s perfect for you.

For more information and to purchase your bundle, visit: Moza Racing R9 Racing Bundle today.

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About MOZA Racing:

Founded in 2012 by a team of highly skilled engineers and dedicated sim racing enthusiasts, MOZA Racing has continued to innovate and astound the sim racing world. With an already impressive product lineup boasting a broad spectrum of sim racing equipment, these new additions to the MOZA Racing family are sure to set the industry alight once again!


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