MotoGP Rising Stars Series Returns For Season Four

MotoGP Rising Stars Series Returns for Season Four

Attention all you two wheeled virtual gaming racers, the MotoGP Rising Stars Series is back for season four this Wednesday.

What would great racing in the virtual gaming genre be without some great motorcycle racing, well the MotoGP Rising Stars Series is back for season four this Wednesday as it searches for great talent.

The Rising Stars Series comprises two phases: the Online Regional Challenges and the Online Final. Gamers will be divided into three categories, depending on their location: Americas (North and South), Europe and Africa, and finally, Asia and Oceania.

The Online Regional Challenges (Qualifiers) are disputed in time attack mode and run from 20th September to 15th October, with the gamers who achieve the fastest lap times awarded points. Only the fastest laps count and each Challenge is played on three different tracks with three different machines and riders.

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