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Trackmania World Championship Wildcards

Trackmania World Championship WildcardsThis is it, we now know the 32 qualified teams for the Trackmania World Championship Wildcards! Robbers (Razii-Epos) and Gravity x PIWO (Henkan67-Betatoast) secured the two last remaining slots for the Wildcards phase happening in the following weeks.

13 different teams competed in the Last Chance Qualifier on September 9th-10th, but only 2 of them could qualify for the Wildcards phase. Robbers dominated the entire weekend, winning all of their games without losing a single track! Former TMCL player Razii and the Racers Summit 2023 winner Epos logically took the Seed 1 and will be part of the Group G of the Wildcards.

Gravity x PIWO took the second qualifying slot. Henkan67 and Betatoast played together for the very first time in a TMWT competition, beating Nelesta Esport (WiiL0xNayko) twice to secure their Wildcard ticket!

The Wildcards phase starts now, with 32 teams split in 8 different groups. On October 7th-8th, only 8 teams will be able to qualify for the Middle-Stage Event, to face the 8 TMGL teams! Here is the schedule for the Wildcard groupstage:

GROUP F: Sunday, 17th of September from 6 PM CEST

GROUP B: Monday, 18th of September from 7 PM CEST

GROUP H: Sunday, 24th of September from 5 PM CEST

GROUP D: Saturday, 30th of September from 12 PM CEST

GROUP G: Saturday, 30th of September from 2 PM CEST

GROUP C: Saturday, 30th of September from 10 PM CEST

GROUP E: Sunday, 1st of October from 11 AM CEST

GROUP A: Sunday, 1st of October from 11 AM CEST

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