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Safe In Our World to Host Second ‘Press Pause’ Charity Fundraiser Starting October 27th

Safe In Our World to Host Second ‘Press Pause’ Charity Fundraiser Starting October 27th

Games industry mental health charity, Safe In Our World, is running its annual Press Pause charity fundraiser from the 27th to the 31st of October this year with sponsorship from the audiovisual tech giant, Elgato.

Partner Elgato to Offer Fantastic Streaming Hardware Prizes.

The Press Pause fundraiser centres around the idea of pressing pause on life by pressing play in-game and will help Safe In Our World continue its valuable work in raising awareness, reducing stigma, and providing resources on mental health within the games industry.

The fundraiser is now entering its second year and hopes to beat last year’s milestone of £10,000 in funds raised. The charity is inviting creators to raise money via challenges, streams, raffles, and more, with sponsor Elgato on hand to provide rewards for the first 20 fundraisers to reach £500 and promising to match whatever funds are raised for the charity up to the value of £10,000! Those interested in participating can sign up to organise their own fundraisers via our Tiltify page.

“We are both excited and extremely proud to support Press Pause 2023. Mental health is such a hugely important aspect of everyone’s lives, and we’re glad that great organisations and charities like Safe In Our World are championing the cause and raising awareness,” said Tom Hildreth, Senior Partnerships Manager at Elgato. “Through campaigns like this, we hope more people will realise they aren’t alone and the emotions they are dealing with are normal, not something to be ashamed of or feel the need to hide. So, please consider joining us to raise some money and awareness on the topic and even get some goodies to upgrade your stream while doing it.”

f that wasn’t exciting enough, Safe In Our World is also offering its own rewards for fundraisers who hit significant goals. Those who raise up to £1,000 in funds will receive a custom-made Press Pause Game Boy, and those who reach £2,000 will receive a custom-made Press Pause Game Boy, a rechargeable USB-C Game Boy battery, and some small design customisation options.

“At Safe In Our World, we embrace using games to escape when we need to, as they provide a healthy outlet for processing difficult emotions, even if it’s on a subconscious level,” explained Rosie Taylor, Content & Community Manager at Safe In Our World. “This is why we’re encouraging streamers and creators to get involved and help us promote the benefits of gaming for mental wellbeing while raising money for and awareness of the value of mental health support for our community.”

As an alternative to fundraising, individuals and organisations who would prefer to make a direct donation can do so via Tiltify. There’s even a reward for corporate donations of £3,000 or more in the form of a custom-made Game Boy that can feature completely bespoke imagery/branding and would make a fine addition to any office or HQ.

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