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EA Sports WRC Coming November 3rd

With the trailer for the latest EA Sports WRC game giving plenty of information on its release for November 3rd, rally fans have a lot to look forward too.

The newest EA Sports WRC game is set to be released on November 3rd and will be using the Unreal Graphics Engine that will bring a massive fidelity improvement over previous titles that used the Codemasters EGO engine.

Electronic Arts is excited to introduce EA SPORTS WRC, the official game of the FIA World Rally Championship coming to PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via EA App, Epic Store, and Steam on November 3, 2023.

EA Sports WRC Coming November 3rd

Taking the power of the Unreal Engine with the DiRT Rally series physics, EA SPORTS WRC delivers longer, more detailed stages than previously possible, with 18* official FIA World Rally Championship locations and over 600km of unforgiving asphalt, gravel, and snow stages.

Ross Gowing, Senior Creative Director at Codemasters: “The game’s new engine has enabled us to push rally to the edge of what’s deemed possible.”

The advanced Dynamic Handling System refines Codemasters’ original model and gives players our most realistic off-road experience to date.

Taking feedback from drivers, including Jon Armstrong, our very own game designer and current European Rally Championship 3 Champion, players can choose the same professional driver set-up mirroring the experience drivers encounter every race week.

New players can personalise the handling, making adjustments to help them master the ultimate player versus environment off-road challenge. The realism extends to audio, with each car intricately replicated, and new pace notes, including simplified commands for rookie drivers, give much-needed information to the player as they battle through each stage.

The introduction of Builder fulfils the dream of those longing to create their very own modern-era rally car. Select the chassis, body shells, and all-important mechanical parts before customising the interior and exterior, finally personalising with the livery editor. Put the car through its paces and make any necessary adjustments before competing for the World Championship against the best competition WRC has to offer.


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Darren Buckner

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