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ESL R1 2023 Fall Season Starts August 31st

ESL R1 2023 Fall Season Starts August 31st

ESL R1 is back, with the ESL R1 2023 Fall Season kicking off on August 31st and running through until DreamHack Winter on November 24-26. Across eight electrifying rounds and a nail-biting Fall Major, 48 drivers across 12 teams will be battling for a stake in the €225,000 prize pool. Here is all you need to know about the ESL R1 2023 Fall Season: The second season of the pristine virtual racing esports league, ESL R1, begins on August 31 – September 1 with its thrilling Round 1, and concludes later this year with an edge-of-your-seat Fall Major in November. The introductory round will see some of the world’s best virtual racing drivers and incredible esports teams face one another in heated competition, aiming to make their way through the Fall Season in the best possible position.  The season continues for a further seven rounds, before concluding with the ESL R1 2023 Fall Major on November 24 – 26. Set to take place live at the immersive three-day gaming lifestyle festival, DreamHack Winter, in Jönköping, Sweden, attendees and fans around the world will witness the best drivers and teams from across the season come head-to-head in a nail-biting finale. The drivers and teams will be fighting for a stake of the €225,000 prize pool, which is set to be distributed across the Team Championship and the Driver Championship, celebrating the best competing teams and individual racers respectively. Furthermore, the one to take home the top spot in the Driver Championship will be crowned the one and only Champion of the ESL R1 2023 Fall Season. Viewers tuning in live across the season also have the chance to obtain a code for the RENNSPORT beta, giving players at home the opportunity to take to the ultra-realistic tracks the ESL R1 drivers have been tackling across the season. Check out  the live stream to learn more. Schedule and Format:Set across eight rounds and ending with the ESL R1 2023 Fall Major, the Fall Season begins later this week with Round 1 during which the new points system will be revealed. Fans will also be able to tune into the Fall Season Knockouts, which will be streamed on Thursdays by trusted community streamers PabloGz205ValhovampGutoColvera, and GeorgeMorgan.

  • Round 1: August 31 – September 1
  • Round 2: September 7 – 8
  • Round 3: September 21 – 22
  • Round 4: September 28 -29
  • Round 5: October 5 – 6
  • Round 6: October 26 -27
  • Round 7: November 2 – 3
  • Round 8: November 9 – 10
  • ESL R1 2023 Fall Major: November 24 -26

ESL R1 2023 Fall Season confirmed drivers and teams: Mercedes-AMG Petronas Esports TeamCar type: Mercedes

  1. James Baldwin
  2. Bono Huis
  3. Marko Pejić
  4. Graham Carroll

Porsche Coanda Esports Racing TeamCar type: Porsche

  1. Joshua Rogers
  2. Mitchell DeJong
  3. Dayne Warren
  4. Mack Bakkum

BMW M Team BS+CompetitionCar type: BMW

  1. Ryan “Ryan” Barneveld
  2. Ferris “Ferris” Stanley
  3. Ibraheem “ibrah” Khan
  4. Pedro “BMWPedro” Sanchez

FaZe ClanCar type: Porsche

  1. Ian “Crimsix” Porter
  2. Matti Sipilä
  3. Gianmarco Fiduci
  4. Cem Bolukbasi

FURIACar type: BMW

  1. Caique “Oliveira” Oliveira
  2. Gustavo “Ariel” Ariel
  3. Lasse “Sørensen” Sørensen
  4. Lasse “Bak” Bak

G2 EsportsCar type: BMW

  1. Robbie Stapleford
  2. Eamonn Murphy
  3. Sebastian “Sebi” Job
  4. Isaac “Isaac” Price

HEROICCar type: Porsche

  1. Tommy Østgaard
  2. Mikkel Gade
  3. Tuomas Tähtelä
  4. Oskar Biksrud

MOUZCar type: Audi

  1. Maximilian Benecke
  2. Moritz Löhner
  3. Patrik Holzmann
  4. Yuri Kasdorp

Team RedlineCar type: BMW

  1. Luke Bennett
  2. Kevin Siggy
  3. Jeffrey Rietveld
  4. Enzo Bonito

R8G eSportsCar type: Audi

  1. Marcell Csincsik
  2. Erhan Jajovski
  3. Jiri Toman
  4. Thibault Cazaubon

Mercedes-AMG Williams Esports TeamCar type: Mercedes

  1. Dáire McCormack
  2. Jack Keithley
  3. Nikodem Wisniewski
  4. Jacub Brzeziński

Mercedes-AMG E-Sports Team ARTCar type: Mercedes

  1. Niklas Houben
  2. Kevin “Kev” Ellis, Jr.
  3. Jamie “Jamie” Fluke
  4. Yohann “Yohann” Harth

Broadcast talents

  • Main Host: Jasmine “Veracity” Kanuga.
    • British presenter, commonly known for being a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive host.
  • Co-HostBack-Up Host: Rory “EERIEISSSS” Alexander
    • Previously worked as a pitlane reporter for ESL R1 at Gamers8, whilst also being a popular British virtual racing YouTuber and Streamer, covering a variety of titles.
  • Main Commentator: Lewis McGlade
    • An award-winning virtual racing commentator from the United Kingdom, previously covering events such as ESL R1, Le Mans Virtual, and RaceSpot TV.
  • Main Commentator: George Morgan
    • The lead commentator for GT Sport Organización, FRECA, F1 Esports, and ESL R1.
  • Co-Commentator: Ewan O’Leary
    • British commentator known for events such as ESL R1, RaceSpot TV, and VCO Esports, and previously commentating for ESL R1 at Gamers8.

Prize pool:The total prize pool of €225,000 for the ESL R1 2023 Fall Season will be distributed among the top six teams in the Team Championship and the top 12 drivers in the Driver Championship.  Additionally, there will also be a Content Reward prize for the top three teams, awarding those creating the best content across the season. Furthermore, as part of the ESL R1 2023 Fall Season, the top three drivers of each round will also be eligible for a cash prize. First place grants €1,000, second place earns €400, and finally, third place will see the driver taking home €150. For Round 8, the first-place driver will win €1,100 for taking the top position.

Team Championship
PlacePrize MoneyContent Reward
7th – 12th


Driver Championship
PlacePrize MoneyCash prize (per round)
1st€40,000€1,000 (7x; €1,100 for Round 8)
2nd€15,000€400 (8x)
3rd€10,000€150 (8x)
13th – 24th

Broadcast and live attendance details:The ESL R1 2023 Fall Season Knockouts will be streamed live on Thursdays by trusted community streamers, including PabloGz205ValhovampGutoColvera, and GeorgeMorgan, with the rest of the season being broadcast on the official ESL R1 links below.

The Fall Major will be broadcast from DreamHack Winter in Jönköping, Sweden. Fans looking forward to experiencing the action live during the 2023 Fall Major in Jönköping, Sweden, can purchase a ticket for DreamHack Winter as all tickets to the festival grant access to the virtual racing competition. More information about the ticket types and how to purchase yours can be found here.


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