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F1 Manager 23 Issues Under Investigation

F1 Manager 23 Issues Under Investigation

F1 Manager Manager looks into issues raised by its community, under investigation is some of the problem raised.

Its always good to know that the game development teams are listening to feedback from its community, F1 Manager 23 has been looking into reported issues and more.

Hey folks,

Thanks to everyone who has played and fed back on F1 Manager 2023 so far, we appreciate your support! Your feedback helps to inform the areas of focus for us so that we can provide the best experience for you.

Below is a list of reported issues that we are currently investigating.

Under investigation:

  • Team Objective Balance
  • Collisions With Static Cars on Track
  • Tyre Compound Issue – Instances of Being Able to Use One Tyre Compound During a Race
  • Race Start Balancing
  • [Qualifying] Automatic Mode Not Optimal for Fastest Laps
  • [Qualifying] Balance of Track Grip Impact on Lap Times
  • Unfair Penalties
  • Car Part UI Tweaks
  • Widescreen UI Option Not Working
  • Stability and Optimisations

Issues Addressed in Recent Patches can be found on our website here:
Please note: This is not a full list of everything the development team are working on. If your issue has not been addressed in a previous patch or is not listed here, you can report any bugs or issues here:

Thank you again for all your feedback and support so far!

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