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American Truck Simulator: Kenworth W900 Tuning Pack Out Now


American Truck Simulator: Kenworth W900 Tuning Pack Out Now

Featuring over 500 parts for tuning, interior and exterior, the American Truck Simulator Kenworth W900 tuning pack is out now.

The Kenworth W900 Tuning Pack in American truck Simulator has been released, packed full of great customisation, this pack has a lot to offer.

Kenworth’s W900 design allows real-life truckers to customize their ride in many different and unique ways. We wanted to reflect this by bringing some of the most popular combinations to American Truck Simulator, as we know how important customising rigs is to our community. Turns out, there are A LOT of tuning options available for drivers of the W900, so our team decided to go big with this project.

As a symbol of individuality on the road, drivers have embraced the W900’s potential for personalization, resulting in a vibrant market of aftermarket additions. A majority of the external and interior parts that are included in this pack have been inspired by these third party modifications, allowing us to bring a large variety of customisations to this iconic truck.

The W900 Tuning Pack features over 500+ individual tuning parts for both the interior and exterior of the truck, giving you a massive range of options to personalise your Kenworth W900 just the way you like it. This includes (but is not limited to) bumpers, cab door accessories, exhausts, filters, mirrors, fenders, mud flaps, exterior lights, grille, hood, roof window, chassis cover, side skirt, sunshield, deflectors, fuel tanks, headache racks, special turn light options, different headlights and headlight covers, air filters, trim options for windows, paintjobs, interior cab customisations and so so so much more; making it our biggest Tuning Pack to date!

We know how much our community loves to customise their rigs, so we’ve also made almost every exterior part paintable, giving you even more options! We really look forward to seeing how you get creative with this option; but that isn’t all. To continue the celebration of 100 years of Kenworth, you’ll also find a range of interior accessories such as toys, mugs, caps and more to have decorating your cabin.

Ever dreamt of creating and owning your own Show-worthy truck? Now you can with the option to add ‘Show Truck’ parts to your W900; such as rear fenders, front and rear bumpers and more! Along with these, you’ll also find a variety of interior trims to match the exterior paint jobs, to help complete your rig’s look. We look forward seeing you show these off to friends in convoy mode or at other virtual Truckfest events.

This massive undertaking doesn’t go without credit to our teams behind the scenes who brought this all to life. From research, to modelling, to testing and everyone in-between, it really has been a labor of love and we are so happy to bring so many options to your garage.

We can’t wait to see how you’ll customise your Kenworth W900. Be sure to share your custom creations with us on our social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and we’ll feature our favourite ones!

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