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Forza Motorsport New AI and Physics

Forza Motorsport New AI and Physics

Some may be looking forward to the new upcoming Forza Motorsport title, will the new AI and Physics get people excited?

With its planned release of October 10th, the new upcoming Forza Motorsport title needs to do a lot to win back its hardcore community of yesteryear, new AI and physics are coming.

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Forza Motorsport is coming to Xbox Series X|S consoles, Windows 10 and 11 PCs via the Microsoft Store and Steam, and Xbox Game Pass for console, PC and Cloud Gaming (Beta) on October 10, 2023.

Forza Motorsport delivers clean, fun and competitive racing in both single-player and multiplayer. We’ve prioritized our development efforts on circuit racing with modern race cars and modern production cars. This focus impacts the entire game, from the cars and tracks we’ve included to, the new rendering features, physics, AI and gameplay experiences that we have built.

With that in mind, we want to let you know we will not have drag or drift game modes available at release. We will, however, have drag tires, as well as drift suspension, available as car upgrades and you can enjoy them in experiences like private Meetup lobbies.

Today on Forza Monthly, we took a deep dive into our all-new advanced AI opponents and tire physics, comparing the technologies in Forza Motorsport 7 to those players will experience this October 10 in Forza Motorsport. We also demonstrated these improvements through a series of in-development video clips.

How AI Drives Forza Motorsport

How do AI controlled cars get around a track in Forza Motorsport? There are two components at play; the AI controller and the driving line. The AI controller is how the game uses throttle, brake and steering inputs to move a car around the track. The driving line is the path that the AI controller follows.

To create AI opponents as fast as the fastest human drivers, we had to do it without any cheats, hacks, and rubber banding. These often cause racing incidents for players and unrealistic competition. We also needed to reduce aggressive driving behavior to ensure cleaner, more competitive racing. Therefore, in Forza Motorsport we have evolved the Drivatar system to use machine learning. It no longer replicates the driving behavior of your friends; however, it still pulls in their cars, drivers and customizations.

Our new AI controller has mastered every possible car and track combination with car upgrades and weather conditions factored in. New optimal driving lines define the desired path an AI car takes through the corner, ideal braking points, and target entry and exit speeds. The computer drives each track 26,000 times to achieve the fastest line through every layout! Just like actual players, the AI also uses a lot more of the track – pushing out to the track limits and even onto the curbs.

The new AI can make mistakes; however, these scenarios are not scripted. Instead, they will make natural mistakes like real humans do, such as braking too late and going wide or even off track. Players can scale the AI difficulty from 1-8 with 8 considered “unbeatable.” Everyone can learn from the skills and driving professionalism of the AI to find the best driving lines and braking points.

These AI opponents lead to clean, tight and thrilling racing in Forza Motorsport. We will continue to fine-tune and improve the AI behavior overtime based on our data and player feedback.

See You at the Starting Line

Forza Motorsport is coming October 10 to Xbox Series X|S consoles, Windows 10 and 11 PCs via the Microsoft Store and Steam, and Xbox Game Pass for console, PC and Cloud Gaming (Beta). Pre-order the Forza Motorsport Premium Edition and play the full game 5 days early. Here is where you can discover the included add-on packs and the other versions of the game available for pre-order.


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