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BeamNG.DRIVE: Gambler Content, New Vehicles, Missions And More

BeamNG.DRIVE: Gambler Content, New Vehicles, Missions And More drops some great new vehicles, Gambler 500 content and more in this exciting update of information, check it out.

Check out the new content from with the Gambler 500 collection and a new vehicle.

As the summer heats up, it’s time to rev your engines and gear up for this blistering content drop! As many of you already know, we’ve joined forces with none other than the legendary Gambler 500 to bring you this uniquely-themed adrenaline-fueled adventure. Get ready to discover a collection of exclusive vehicle configurations, all primed and ready to tackle over 20 daring gameplay challenges. But that’s not all; we’re also bringing a brand new vehicle to your virtual garage. So let’s unpack the details!

For those still unfamiliar, allow us to introduce Gambler 500. Far from a typical motorsports event, it’s a one-of-a-kind, off-road, navigational adventure that puts the spotlight on budget-friendly, fun, and often outright extraordinary automotive creations. During the rally, participants are encouraged to leave the wilderness in better shape than when they found it by picking up trash along the route, reflecting a shared commitment to environmental stewardship.

Our collaboration with Gambler 500 has been an epic journey that we’re incredibly proud of, and we are truly grateful for their help and inspiration along the way. If you’re up for more Gambler 500 action.

NEW VEHICLE: Soliad Lansdale

Welcome the latest addition to the BeamNG roster: the Soliad Lansdale. Built on an updated LeGran/Wendover platform and featuring tried-and-tested Bruckell powerplants enveloped in a smooth aerodynamic shell, the Lansdale will make your school-run journey that bit more efficient.

The Lansdale can be equipped with all-wheel drive, I4, V6, and V8 engines, and supports pre- and post-facelift bodywork with suitable factory, sport, and aftermarket variants for each. Even the European market isn’t forgotten, with a handful of diesel-powered EUDM models. The van also features functional sliding doors, and brings a new set of wheels to the Soliad range.

From a stripped-back cargo mule to an overpowered super-van, from a glitzy 2000s tuner to a backwoods-built off-road beast, the Lansdale has something for everyone! Naturally, it’s also included in our new suite of “Gambler 500” configurations.

Gambler Galore
Of course this wouldn’t be a true Gambler 500 experience without some appropriately rowdy machinery, so let’s meet the contenders!
Ibishu Pigeon – Poogeon

Who doesn’t love a wilderness adventure with friends – fresh air, sizzling steaks, and refreshing drinks? Alas, when nature calls in a facility-deprived landscape, problems may soon arise… After ending up in a such predicament, the author of this creation has firmly pledged to never let it repeat! With a rear axle from a truck, a powerful welded bed and a technologically advanced snorkel, this little companion is able to get to any mission-critical location.

Civetta Bolide – Iron Owl

Once burnt to a crisp, this Bolide was taken apart and reconstructed into a 6-wheel engineering marvel. Fitted with a drivetrain from the Bruckell LeGran Campagne, it channels that power to the four rear wheels for a truly unique driving experience.

Autobello Piccolina – La Brutta Anatra

This “ugly duckling” with an Italian flair owes its existence to an antique dealer’s resourcefulness and ingenuity. This unorthodox blend of salvaged Piccolina parts, a charming Italian bathtub, and agricultural rear wheels is mounted atop an extended suspension from a classic dragster. Talk about Italian practicality! Now, you can haul vast amounts of garbage and enjoy a bath with rubber ducks after a hard day’s work!

Ibishu Covet – The Unstable

This daring abomination’s story began with a rear-ended Covet that lay rotting in a farmer’s front yard next to a broken tractor. Of course, the only reasonable next step would be to merge the two. The Unstable’s drivetrain incorporates an assortment of PTO shafts and 90 angle gearboxes from some old mowers, and a 1.8 engine from a retired Pessima to give it a slight chance of climbing at least something.

Ibishu Covet – The Incapable

Constructed by a friend of the abovementioned farmer, this truck is designed to accompany the half-tractor on its Gambler adventures. Lacking a spare tractor, the creator of The Incapable opted to simply weld the back of a trailer to the Covet shell instead.

Gavril Grand Marshal – Grand Scavenger

When confronted with a pile of rusted pipes, beams, and chains, what’s a gearhead to do? Surely, install all of it on a Gavril and let it gracefully rust together with the car. Enhanced with thick metal bumpers and a perfectly engineered snorkel, it’s capable of tackling the toughest challenges.

Soliad Wendover – Croco

Surrounded by rumbling vehicles and debris, sometimes it’s so refreshing to see something green, alive… with a pair of eyes, a tail and a huge jaw! Its teeth may made of rubber bands, but it’s no laughing matter when it bites.

Soliad Lansdale – Landslide

When its engine blew, this van’s owners got big dreams of transforming it into a high-roof off-road camper. While the vision was exciting, it’s proven to be expensive. What was not expensive, however, is cutting the roof out, adding an upside-down boat for extra headroom, and installing big tires. With its modifications completed, this little camper can go pretty much anywhere now.


Infusing the spirit of Gambler 500 events into our virtual world, we’re adding a new mission type along with 25 new missions across several maps.

Through these missions you will embark on a journey to tidy up various landscapes, from forested areas and fields in East Coast, to beaches of Small Island, to the plains of Johnson Valley, and beyond. Each mission features a different vehicle, with its own driving behavior for you to master. But there’s a catch – with more trash than your ride can handle, it’s a race against the clock to scoop up as much as you can.

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