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New Porsche Pack Available in RaceRoom

New Porsche Pack Available in RaceRoom

Lots to get excited about as a new Porsche pack is available in the RaceRoom title, featuring the 992 911 GT3 R, 911 GT3 Cup cars and 944 Cup.

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Our latest collaboration with Porsche Motorsports brings our content right up to date, whilst also reaching back in time to include a quirky classic in the Porsche pantheon. We’re thrilled to deliver you into the cockpits of the latest 992-shaped 911 GT3 R and 911 GT3 Cup cars plus the legendary 944 Cup!

GT3 continues its march to world domination: there are now series all over the world, and next year the GT class at the Le Mans 24 Hours will comprise GT3s as part of the regs change in the World Endurance Championship. The class is also a mainstay of sim racing – and Raceroom already has one of the strongest GT3 offerings out there, covering cars going right back to the first generation. But, this is about now: so the core of this release is the mighty 992-shape 911 GT3 R, which has already been racking up wins in the DTM and other major championships – and a record 14 GT3 Rs will compete in this weekend’s prestigious 24 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps. We’ve cherry-picked the best liveries from global series for you to use to take on the opposing GT3 hordes.

Next up we continue our official relationship with the Porsche Carrera Cup by presenting the grid of the 2023 Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland. With a bumper grid of over 30 cars (and with the majority of the tracks on this year’s schedule already in Raceroom), you can recreate the frantic racing of this one-make Cup, featuring cars which are arguably more challenging than the GT3 model. With no ABS or traction control allowed, your braking technique and throttle control will be at a premium – there’ll be no just mashing the pedals and hoping the electronics sort it out.

Aesthetically there’s not much between it and the GT3 R – and in fact the raw specifications of the new Cup car even exceed last-gen GT3. It’s wide, low and brutal: a massive leap on from the 991-shape Cup car and truly a challenging racer to master. As well as the official ‘sprint’ version, we’re also including an ‘endurance’ spec model with more authentic liveries, which will allow the use of ABS and Porsche Motorsports Traction Control; this model is typically seen in 24H Series long-distance events or at the Nürbgurgring in NLS races.

Book-ending the contemporary Carrera Cup model is the 944 Turbo Cup. This front-engined GT was almost seen as heretical when it was launched back in 1982, but quickly gained a great reputation and in period actually became Porsche’s most successful car in terms of sales. It was born to race, and competed at Le Mans the year before its official launch (badged as a 924 GTP). Five national 944 Turbo Cup series were launched in the mid-‘80s, and it served as the successful forerunner of the Carrera Cup that started in the following decade. We’ve modelled the 1987 car, which puts out more power via a new KKK turbocharger and features a wider track and ABS.

We’ll be going into more detail on each new Porsche over the coming week as we build to a July launch. Stay tuned – and in the meantime keep enjoying Raceroom’s Summer Sale!

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