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The Trackmania Grand League Stage 2 playoffs will be firing into effect on June 18th, what are the teams to watch and keep an eye on.

Not many days to go now as the Trackmania Grand League Stage 2 playoffs will be going ahead, starting soon June 18th, this alternative racing series will be a “go”!

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Once again, Solary (CarlJr-Pac) is the team to beat this season! The Stage 1 champions managed to win the Stage 2 regular season with a 6-1 win/loss ratio. CarlJr and Pac are directly qualified for the Upper Bracket Final and secured a top 4 thanks to their regular season victory.

Solary will face Alliance (Mudda-Soulja) in the Upper Bracket Final which will take place on June 18th at 8 PM CEST. The Swedish organization who finished 6th in the previous Stage is the only team to have beaten Solary in the Regular Season. A clear 4-0 victory that helped them taking over BIG for the 2nd place thanks to a better track difference (5-2 +15 for Alliance, 5-2 +11 for BIG).

Speaking of BIG (GranaDy-Massa), the German team bounced back in the best possible way after a disappointing 7th place in Stage 1. Berlin International Gaming will face Karmine Corp (bren-Otaaaq) who finished 6th in the first Lower Bracket Quarterfinals. A Germany-France match that will take place on June 17th from 6 PM CEST!

SINNERS (Kappa-tween) versus Gamers First will be the second Lower Bracket Quarterfinals, happening on June 17th as well. It will be the revenge of one of the most intense matches of the season as SINNERS managed to beat the American organization 4-3 in Playday 6. Also, the Kappa-tween duo stays on an impressive 3-game winning streak after a very difficult season start, but G1 will be a very tough opponent!

Huge surprise, Team BDS is already out of the Stage 2 with a final 7th place. Affi and Aurel, who managed to take the silver medal in Stage 1, will not take part in the TMGL playoffs for the first time ever! Into The Breach (eLconn-mime) are also out of the tournament after a very difficult stage. eLconn has decided to retire from the professional circuit and will not be part of the ITB squad for the Trackmania World Championship later this year.

TMGL Stage 2 playoffs will take place on June 17/18 & June 23/25. Can Solary win once again or will another duo take their crown?

Darren Buckner

Darren Buckner

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