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Alaskan Road Truckers Gameplay Trailer

Its a trailer, and not to be confused with what you haul around in Alaskan Road Truckers as gameplay footage has been revealed.

Following the exclusive Alaskan Road Truckers trailer revealed during The Future Games Show at the weekend, Green Man Gaming Publishing, Movie Games S.A, and Road Studio are excited to release an extended cut of the video showcasing even more footage of life on the road in this definitive trucker experience.

Coming to PC, Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 in fall 2023, Alaskan Road Truckers is more than a simulator. You aren’t just a truck, you play as a trucker with a focus on life both inside and outside of your vehicle. Deliver cargo, build a successful business and get out of your truck to explore Alaska while maintaining your vehicle and preparing for treacherous conditions out on the road.

About Alaskan Road Truckers.

Step into the boots of an Alaskan Road Trucker

Experience the definitive trucker simulator

Get behind the wheel and drive across the entire state of Alaska with dynamic weather and unpredictable road conditions. Become a trucking legend and get your cargo to its destination on time.

  • Pick your route across diverse road conditions
  • Expand and customize your truck collection
  • Take on different jobs with a huge variety of cargo types

Get out of your truck…

Get your hands dirty with involved, in-depth truck maintenance. Look after your truck, stock up on supplies, and make sure you’re ready for your next journey.

  • Maintain your truck to keep it on the road
  • Upgrade your HQ and manage your business
  • Visit stores and gas stations to pick up essential purchases and fuel
  • Leave your cab to explore scenic landmarks and soak up the atmosphere

…and survive

Be prepared for what Alaskan has to throw at you, expect the unexpected for the journeys which lie ahead.

  • Manage your health by battling against hunger, fatigue, and the cold
  • Plot your route and make sure you have the best equipment for the job
  • Encounter dangers like avalanches, fallen trees, and more!


Alaskan Road Truckers is coming to PC, Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 platforms in fall 2023. Fans can wishlist the game on Steam now.


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Darren Buckner

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