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MotorLand Aragón Comes to iRacing

A racing circuit that always puts on a great display for the racers and spectators, MotorLand Aragón comes to iRacing.

Season 3 of iRacing indeed brought some exhilarating content, and the inclusion of the MotorLand Aragón circuit is a standout highlight. This circuit is not just another race track; it’s a versatile and challenging venue that tests the mettle of virtual racers.

Spanning an impressive 3.321 miles, the Grand Prix layout of Aragón is a twisty affair with 18 turns, offering a blend of technical sections and high-speed stretches. The track layout is a symphony of racing, with each turn playing a note in this high-octane melody.

The two main straights are particularly noteworthy. The first, adorned with the start-finish line, is where drivers can push their virtual machines to the limit. The second, succeeding a sharp 90-degree turn (Turn 15), varies in length based on the chosen configuration.

For car enthusiasts, it leads to a challenging hairpin at Turn 16, demanding precision and control. Meanwhile, the motorcycle layout offers a more fluid transition into the frontstretch, emphasizing the versatility of this circuit.

But that’s not all. The Aragón track also features a compact National layout, which takes a sharp detour after Turn 2, plunging into the infield. This route reconnects with the backstretch, offering a different kind of racing experience.

With these layouts, Aragón in iRacing isn’t just a race track; it’s a test bed for virtual racers to hone their skills, whether they prefer the high-speed duels on the straights or the intricate dance through the corners.

It’s a virtual playground for speed enthusiasts, a perfect blend of virtual and real-world racing dynamics. So, strap in, put on your virtual helmet, and prepare to conquer the twists and turns of MotorLand Aragón in iRacing’s Season 3 update!



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