MotorLand Aragón Comes to iRacing

A racing circuit that always puts on a great display for the racers and spectators, MotorLand Aragón comes to iRacing.

As part of the season 3 build in iRacing, some real treats were within its release, one of them is the fantastic MotorLand Aragón.

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The 3.321-mile Grand Prix circuit at Aragón boasts 18 turns, as well as two major straightaways—one featuring the start-finish line, and one after the 90-degree Turn 15. The length of the latter depends on the configuration; for cars, it heads toward a sharp hairpin for Turn 16, while the motorcycle layout skips this section for a more gradual Turn 16 that sweeps directly into the frontstretch. Aragón also boasts a smaller National layout that dives into the infield after Turn 2 and brings racers through to the backstretch.

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